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Introduction of powder of Ling Zhi spore

Artykuł ten dotyczy zarodników Ling Zhi, które są dostępne w Polsce jako suplement diety. Jedno opakowanie „Longevity Valley Ling Zhi Spores” w chińskich aptekach kosztuje 5.400 jenów (RMB). W Polsce ceny wahać się będą na poziomie 100 PLN…

Materiał przetłumaczony został z chińskiego na język angielski przez studenta TCM Zhejiang Medical University - Linglong Xu.

Shou Xian Gu pharmacy company L.T.D(寿仙谷药业有限公司)in Jin Hua ,Zhe Jiang Province

Introduction of the company:

The company is a all-around advanced technological enterprise whose operation includes breeding, planting, researching & developing, producing & selling rare & endangered herbals. After more than 20 years’ hard researching, we have solved the problem that Shi Hu & Yuan Mu Ling Zhi is in short and have a series product, like Tie Pi Shi Hu, Yuan Mu Ling Zhi.
The company owns a producing base of Tie Pi Shi Hu, Yuan Mu Ling Zhi with an area of 186.76 hectares, which is the only one in China and has got China Organic certification, HACCP certification & ISO9001 quality system certification. The modern multifunctional production line has passed GMP certification.

What is powder of Ling Zhi spore?
It’s the seed of Ling Zhi, a powder-like material coming from Ling Zhi when the latter is mature, which color is like coffee. It’s the most nutritious part of Ling Zhi, which is egg-shaped and brown with two spore walls,on which there are many budding tube. It’s very small, with a size of 5~8μm, which can only be seen under high power microscope. The production of spore is very limited, about 1 g can be got from 1kg mature Ling Zhi.
The modern scientific research prove that Ling Zhi spore plant on logs has an effect of tonifying the body, increasing longevity, promoting immune system, inhibiting tumor, inhibiting and killing hepatitis virus, which is much effective than Ling  Zhi ruitbodies, as 75 times as the latter one.

Why do we destroy the Ling Zhi’s wall?
If not, human body can absorb 20~30% of nutritious materials only. Pharmacological experiments proved that Ling Zhi spore is full of polysaccharide peptide enzymes, selenium, amino acid, Unsaturated fatty acids,vitamins and trace elements.
Longvity Valley Ling Zhi cracked spores are made with an advanced low temperature physical cracking technique, with a rate of cracking over 98% , which makes the rate of absorbing higher than 99%.

Mechanism of effect of Ling Zhi cracked spores
The sphere of Ling Zhi cracked spores’ application is vast. From the point of view of TCM, the product can tonify Qi of five organs. So no matter patients deficient in Heart, Liver , Spleen , Lung or Kidney can take it. The diseases that be treated by the product vary from respiration, circulation, digestion system to neural, endocrine and Movement system, and from internal medicine, chirurgery, gynecology to paediatrics and etc. The crucial reason is that it has a strong effect of strengthening vital qi, promoting immunity system which can bidirectionally adjust the balance of human function thoroghly. This is quite different from other health products that only adjust one field of body functions.

The Polysaccharides of Ling Zhi cracked spores: It’s telomerase that can destroy tumor cell, with an effective rate of higher than 90%. So it can kill tumor cell effectively, increase the amount of immunoglobulin and antibodies, stimulate lymphatic cell to produce interleukin-I and II directly, promote the production of Tumor Necrosis Factors
, promote phagocytosis of macrophages, and strengthen NK cell, so that men’s immune system become stronger. In addition, it can prevent men from the invasion of filtered virus,inhibit tumor to grow or transfer, which means it has a significant anti-tumor effect.

Triterpenoids from Ganoderma lucidum acid : it has a significant pharmacological activity, which and protect liver and detoxification, killing hepatitis virus and tumor cell and relieve pain. It’s internationally believed that the higher Ganoderma lucidum acid is, the better the quality is.
Natural organic germanium can promote blood’s function of carrying oxygen, eliminate radicals in cells, and inhibit tumor cell to get worse or transfer, with an effective rate of 89.3%.

The function, applying crowd and usage of Ling Zhi cracked spores

1. Thoroughly conditioning, improving immune system, prevention and treatment

This is suitable for those who are under serious stress and live a fast pace of life or do mental work for long time, such as white-collars, sale men and etc. Keep on taking the product can improve immune system significantly, and make you handsome and beautiful as well. Those who suffer from long-term high blood pressure, high blood fat and blood sugar or chronic tracheitis can take it for relieving the symptoms. Long-term taking can reduce the chance of complication and acute onset.
Usage:2g granule per day , half an hour before sleep; capsule twice per day, 2~3 capsules once, take before meals in the morning and evening

2. Preventing tumor and treating tumor assistantly
TCM holds a view that, pathologic factors can not invade the body if vital qi within the body. The mechanism of tumor is that first there’s a vital qi deficiency, then pathological factors invade in, which means an imbalance of internal environment show up. Then the tumor-factor enters into body, and a tumor develops. The proper use of Chinese medicine can effectively control the side effect results from  radiotherapy and chemotherapy  , and change the power of both vital qi and evils so that the patients’ health could be better.
It’s proved by modern clinical research that Ling Zhi cracked spores has an effect on liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, gullet cancer, recta cancer, ovary cancer, uterus muscle cancer, ovarian cyst, mammary gland hyperplasia, nasopharynx cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, galactophore cancer, brain tumor, lymph tumor, mother cell tumor. It has a biological immunity effect which can thoroughly improve human body. On one hand, it can be used after operation and  radiotherapy and chemotherapy  , treat various kinds of tumors secondary, increase patients’ sensibility to  radiotherapy and chemotherapy   and eliminate the side effects such like leucopenia, poor appetite , nausea and losing hair which caused by  radiotherapy and chemotherapy  ; on the other hand, it can improve patients’ immune system, control the tumor not to transfer, increase the ability to fight tumor, improve tumor patients’ lives, increase their longevities  and relieve pain.

3. Protecting liver and treat various kinds of hepatitisassistantly
It can prevent liver from several bad factors of chemistry, physics or biology. No matter before or after the impairments of liver , Ling Zhi cracked spores can protect the normal tissue of liver and decrease the impairment. It can boost the liver’s function of metabolizing medication and toxin, and has certain effect on toxic hepatitis and chronic hepatitis. It can significantly relieve symptoms such like dizziness, strengthless, nausea and uncomfortable sense of liver area , and can effectively improve the function of liver. Consequently, it can treat following  diseases: toxic hepatitis,various chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, fatty liver,dysfunction of liver and etc.

Usage:granule twice per day, 2g once, take before meals in the morning and evening; capsule twice per day, 4~5 once, take before meals in the morning and evening, continuing using for more than 3 months.

Which Ling Zhi cracked spores are the best?
Red Ling Zhi is the best
There’re more than different Ling Zhi, while only red Ling Zhi and purple Ling Zhi can be legally used according to PHARMACOPOEIA OF <> (2005 edition), between which red one is better.
Naturally cultivated is better
Ling Zhi can be divided into three types : wild, naturally cultivated and bag cultivated. Because of earlier or later harvest, wild Ling Zhi lose lots of nutrition; naturally cultivated means that Ling Zhi are cultivated on natural logs, in a artificial natural ecological environment, so they contain much more effective materials, and the quality is steady. And their spores are high in medicinal value. However, the popular Ling Zhi in the current market is bad cultivated. They are grown on the bags which are stuffed with wood scraps, cottonseed shells, bran, sugar and etc. Those are not suitable for medical use.
Organic cultivated is the most regular
Organic cultivated is to cultivate Ling Zhi in a completely wild simulated environment, where there’s no pollution , no pesticide, fertilizers, herbicide and growth hormone in the process of producing and no antiseptic, additive, artificial color in the process of machining, and no organic solvent in distilling and concentrating; test and evaluate the products according to the standard of international organic production. So it’s a real non-polluted, natural, high quality and advanced style healthy food. That’s why it’s called ecofood or authentic Chinese medicine.
Spores should be selected extremely carefully
 Only those spores whose seeds are full have great effect. Spores should be selected through sophisticated facilities. Longevity Valley Ling Zhi spores are doubly selected through sophisticated facilities. Over 99.9% of spores are full seeded.
Spores should be cracked
Ling Zhi spores have two hard shells. Uncracked spores can only be absorbed 20%~30%. Applying German advanced technique of super-low temperature physical cracking,  Longevity Valley Ling Zhi spores’ cracked-rate reaches to 98%, with an effective rate of absorbing reaching to 99%.
concentrated spores are better
concentrated spores has a greater effect than non- concentrated spores. Longevity Valley Ling Zhi spores are concentrated with advanced techniques.
Spores should be stored in anaerobic packet separately
Seeds are apt to being oxygenated because of sufficient lipids. Oxygenated spores’ effect will be sharply decreased, even become bad for human life. The technique of storing separately in anaerobic packets solve the problem so that the products can be stored longer.

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