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Therapy retreats

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Therapy retreats in Poland


Offer is directed to:

·         Individuals, families and groups


7-14 day stay at Natural Therapy Center: „Meeting with Traditional Chinese Medicine”.



Retreats start from each Saturday



·         7 day stay

350,00 GBP/person*, children under 3 - no charge, children under 12 – half price

·         14 day stay

600,00 GBP/person*, children under 3 - no charge, children under 12 – half price


Our centre is dedicated to Chinese Herbal Medicine and associated therapies. We carry out complex health diagnosis on the basis of TCM. We offer professional consultation and advice and all the procedures are performed by qualified practitioners. We cover a wide range of disorders and lifestyle illnesses including low energy, chronic fatigue, allergies/intolerances, heart disease, obesity/eating disorders, depression, skin and digestive problem, hormonal imbalances and more.


If you are keen to improve or regain your health, rejuvenate your body or simply relax for few days come and join us. Our centre is located within a Historic Manor Complex, in the heart of polish countryside. We provide comfortable accommodation and offer whole range of facilities like sauna, swimming pool, gym, horse riding or archery. Our kitchen serves enzyme-rich meals based on organic, local products. Our programme will help you to transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle.



Comfortable rooms for two or three with bathroom and TV



Breakfast and dinner; possibility of using kitchen



Sauna, outdoor swimming pool, gym hall, ping-pong, trampoline, meditation chamber


Other attractions:

Cycling, archery; for children playground and mini zoo (goats, ships,  ornamental chickens)


Local tourist attractions:

Medieval city of Torun, famous Spa Ciechocinek, archaeological park in Biskupin, Dinosaur Park and Aqua Park in Solec Kujawski.



§  Lecture: “What is The traditional Chinese medicine?” with presentation and consumption of Chinese herbal tea,

Herbal tea is made up of several herbs and based on TCM theory. It is available for nourishing and invigorating the human body.

§  Presentation of therapeutic herbs and methods of preparing them,

§  Presentation of Chinese medicine treatments (Tuina massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy),

Tuina is a kind of TCM. It can improve microcirculation of human body, promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, relieve the tissues adhesion, and alleviate various pains.

§  Individual consultations with TCM practitioner; pulse and tongue diagnosis, therapeutic recommendations,

§  Demonstration of Traditional Chinese cuisine joined with degustation,

Chinese Medicated Diet is a specially prepared dish made of Chinese herbs, food and condiments, and is used to prevent and treat diseases, improve fitness, and slow down the aging process.

§  Presentation of various therapeutic exercises,

§  Min. 1 hour a day treatment included (massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy),

§  Morning exercises

§  Bicycle excursion for volunteers


Treatments are provided in the mornings and evenings to give participants maximum of free time to relax.

Group = max. 12 people; when less than 10 people interested, individual stays will be arranged; in that case programme will not include lectures (10% discount from the price).




*All the prices include tax.

*Prices don't include travel costs.


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Download category content: Therapy retreats

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