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1. Biosalt

2.  Goqi Berry

3.  Jiao Gu Lan

4. Bamboo charcoal

5. Evening Primrose

6. Huo ma Ren

7. Sweet tea – Tian Cha

8. Masson pine pollen

9. Camellia seed oil

10. Acupuncture's neddle information

11. Magic Loess


 1. BIOSALT - Loess Salt (Yellow Ocher Pottery)


 Applied Consumers, Inc. approved the quality and the efficacy of Bio Salt that it follows the standards provided by the FDA. Bio Salt is proud to be one of the best quality baked salts in Korea, exported to Japan and the U.S.A.

 The most significant property of Bio Salt is the emission of far infrared rays produced from the yellow ocher pot that contains natural sea salt. Far infrared rays vitalize cells, produce energy and remove substances toxic to the human body. Since ancient time, yellow ocher has been used as toxicant and antidote as its efficacy is known for purification and decomposition.

The best quality of sun-dried sea salt is preserved when gathered between April and June. We store the sun-dried sea salt gathered in this period for more than one year to remove the brine which coagulates the protein. Bio Salt is very special salt because we bake this specially prepared salt in the ocher pot.

While we bake it for more than 13 hours in the furnace, the brine is removed at nearly 750 for the second time. Also the far infrared rays produced from the ocher pot remove the adverse materials while preserving the minerals. After this process, the sea salt contained in the ocher pot becomes alkali salt rich in minerals from both sea and yellow ocher.

"Bio Salt" is certainly the best gourmet cooking salt having refined the bitter and salty taste. Unlike bamboo salt redolent of sulphur smell, Bio Salt leaves soft and clean taste behind. Using Bio Salt will revive the original food taste of all kinds of your dishes.

 What is so special about yellow ocher?

Yellow ocher is called as 'warehouse of sun energy' because it contains strong sun energy in multiple-layered honeycomb-like structure. When the stored energy receives heat, it radiates the infrared ray , stimulates particle activity of other materials, and discharges the adverse materials from them.

  Yellow Ocher in Daily Life
The geographic distribution of yellow ocher reaches its highest proportion between 22° and 55° north latitudes where the cradles of civilizations - Indus, Yellow Sea, Mesopotamia, and Egypt are generated. While the dolmens and mummies are discovered throughout this region, the largest number of dolmens in Northeast Asia is found in Jeonbuk province, Korea, all of which being made of or covered with the yellow ocher. Judging by this fact, it seems clear that the life of the prehistoric period was deeply related to the yellow ocher.

Yellow ocher prevents red water, and it is useful as an antidote, fertilizer and sterilizer when spread over fish farms. In in-land farms, yellow ocher is used for cows and horses that suffer from parasites and other diseases by enhancing the functions of their immune systems.

In ancient Korea, people baked roof tiles made of yellow ocher and spread ocher on the stomach for upset stomach. They lived in a house with yellow ocher-floor, and the fireplace in the kitchen was made of yellow ocher. Today, it is believed that the scarce attack of woman-related diseases in the ancient Korea is to the effects of far infrared rays produced from yellow ocher.

 Why is Sun-dried Water Salt?

Salt and Human Body
Along with water, salt is an essential element of human body. 0.9% of our blood is made up of salt, and it keeps the balance of osmotic pressure and maintains alkali in blood and body fluids. As if to support the belief that the origin of life comes from the sea, the content of body fluids is quite similar to that of the sea. Natural sea salt consists of more than 80 kinds of minerals including calcium, potassium and magnesium, making it more suitable for cooking.

Rock Salt and Sun-dried Sea Salt
Rock Salt : Large amount of rock salt production comes from Europe, North America, China and Pakistan. It is transparent but varies in colour from red, yellow and blue to purple depending on the materials it contains. Despite its high degree of purity, it contains less mineral than sea salt, and it has more salty, bitter and strong taste.

Sun-dried Sea Salt : Sun-dried sea salt is mostly gathered in Southeast Asia region including Taiwan, India, Thailand, China, Japan and Korea. The best quality salt is produced in the west coastal area of Korea, for it contains many different kinds of minerals.

  Properties of Good Salt
Milky colour and even shape
Fairly dried
Soft, sweet, and clear taste
Easy to grind



You are not alone, but that's about to change. This little red berry is about to open your eyes.

Goqi Facts:

Contains 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, more protein than whole wheat, a complete spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids, Vitamin C,B-complex vitamins, Vitamin E, Beta-Sitosterol, essential fatty acids, Cyperone, Solavetivone, Physalin and Betaine.

Top 24 Health Benefits of Goqi:

1. Extends life, ptotecting your body from premature aging through its powerful antioxidant action

2. Increases your energy and strength, especially when fighting disease

3. Makes you feel and look yunger. Gouqi stimulates the secretion of hGH (human  growth hormone),the "youth hormone".

4. Maintains healthy blood pressure

5. Reduces cholesterol

6. Promotes normal blood sugar in early adult-onset diabetes

7. Enhances sexual function and treats sexual dysfunction

8. Helps you lose weight

9. Relieves headaches and dizziness

10. Relieves insomnia and improves your vision

11. Supports eye health and improves your vision

12. Strengthens your heart

13. Improves disease resistance

14. Builds strong blood, enhancing production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets

15. Supports healthy liver function

16. Treats menopausal symptoms

17. Prevents morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy

18. Improves fertility

19. Strengthens your muscles and bones

20. Improves your memory and recall ability

21. Supports normal kidney function

22. Helps chronic dry cough

23. Alleviates anxiety and stress

24. Promotes cheerfulness and brightens your spirit


New Areas of Scientific Research on Goqi:

 1. Cancer prevention

2. Cancer treatment

3. Inhibition of tumor growth

4. Reduction of the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation

5. DNA restoration and repair(preventing mutations that can cause cancer)

6. Improvement in immune response(T-cell,IL-2,IgA,IgG)

7. Treatment of bone marrow deficiency(stimulates red and white blood cells)

8. Improvement in lymphocyte count

9. Activation of anti-inflammatory enzymes

10. Inhibition of lipid peroxidation (a cause of heart disease)

11. Treatment of weakened digestion

12. Rejuvenation of blood




Botanical Name: Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Action of Herb: Tonic, Cardiovascular, Immune Support


Jiao gu lan is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Gynostemma is generally reinforcing to overall health and has a strong anti-fatigue effect.

Clinic studies in humans and animals suggest that Jiao gu lan:

• May maintain the cholesterol, triglyceride and other lipoprotein levels.

• May improve cardiovascular function and lower blood pressure by decreasing vascular resistance and increasing coronary blood flows.

• Stimulate tissues to revitalize physiological activities and act as an adaptogenic tonic which may assist in recovery from illness and fatigue.

• May slow down the aging process.

• Is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from free radical damage.

• May strengthen the immune system to resist diseases.

• Help protect people against radiation damage, reduce the impact of radiation treatment.

• Assist to improve the quality of sleep.

• Stimulate appetite and help prevent constipation through its adaptogenic properties

 Detailed Description:

 According to traditional Chinese medicine, this formula nourishes the heart and invigorates the spleen, replenishes qi and regulates blood flow, and expels phlegm and removes blood stasis. It is used to treat hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and angiocardiopathy due to heart, spleen and qi deficiencies, phlegm stagnation, and blood stasis. This herb has been used in China for many centuries, traditionally to treat jaundice and chronic bronchitis. It has the classic function of clearing away heat and toxic material. "Southern Ginseng" Jiao gu lan contains a large quantity of these saponins, known also as gypenosides.  Furthermore, jiao gu lan is believed to have a superior action to ginseng, being more supportive without causing overstimulation. In China it is often referred to as 'women's ginseng' since it is considered to be much kinder to women's body systems than ginseng.

 Gynostemma has a double-direction, regulating influence on the central nervous system, meaning it is calming when one is overexcited and stimulating when one is depressed. Gynostemma is clinically useful in a number of mental and neurological conditions, including simple depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Gynostemma is often used to treat inflammation and chronic bronchitis, stop coughs and remove sputum. It can also be beneficial to the circulatory system by lowering high blood pressure, decreasing the level of high blood fats and reducing the incidence of blood clots and arteriosclerosis.

Gynostemma can also be used to control body weight. As a diet herb, it accelerates the body's metabolism, adjusts blood sugar and reduces blood fat. Some athletes who consume Gynostemma report improved appetites and more lean muscle.

Preliminary research indicates that Gynostemma may help prevent cells from becoming cancerous.

Scientific research studies in China have shown that jiao gu lan decreases cholesterol by improving the liver's ability to send sugar and carbohydrates to the muscles for conversion to energy instead of turning the sugar into triglycerides which the body stores as fat. 3 It lowers LDL's (bad cholesterol) while raising HDL's (good cholesterol). It improves fat metabolism, reduces blood fat levels and depresses lipid peroxide and fat sediment in the blood vessels.

While it is great for rectifying high cholesterol and obesity problems, it can also improve and strengthen the digestion, allowing an underweight person to increase absorption of nutrients and gain weight in the form of lean muscle mass. This regulatory effect on bodily functions is the hallmark of an adaptogen.

A study at Guiyang Medical College in China has shown that a jiao gu lan recipe increased strength and endurance in the body. Considering the above statements overall, jiao gu lan becomes the perfect herb for anyone who wants to improve their competitive edge in any field of athletic performance.

Adaptogenic functions of jiao gu lan are demonstrated in its biphasic effects on brain functions, which energize or calm the system depending upon the body's need. Jiao gu lan also aids the regulation of hormonal functions in both men and women. The healthy maintenance of these physiological actions plays a major role in the body's ability to cope with stress. Jiao gu lan has also shown its effectiveness, in clinical research studies, in helping the body resist depression of the immune system and other stress-related symptoms. It increases the production of Lymphocytes, Phagocytes and serum IgG, but not to an excess.

Jiao gu lan has also demonstrated anti-inflammatory activities through its many saponins. Jiao gu lan also helps the body to resist depression of the immune system and other stress-related symptoms. Furthermore there are other clinical research studies, which indicate jiao gu lan's ability to reduce tumor size. It can even lower high blood pressure.

Warning and caution:

 Women who are pregnant should avoid Gynostemma.

In studies, Gynostemma has been shown to increase the time blood needs to clot. When it is taken with antiplatelets (including Plavix and Ticlic) or anticoagulants (including heparin and warfarin), the effect of the drug may be increased, resulting in uncontrolled bleeding. Also due to this anti blood-clotting. see also the FDA warnings and possible drug and herb-interactions at the link below.



The many cavities of bamboo charcoal can attach different substances to their walls, and then release them later. For example, they can absorb moisture from humid air, and then release it during dry conditions. This makes it an excellent humidity regulator. It also has high mineral content such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron.Also known as “Black Diamond”, bamboo charcoal products are well received in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Over the years, many uses have been created for household to bedding and personal care. Environmentally-friendly, bamboo charcoal products are able to regain effectiveness with easy maintenance.Bamboo charcoal is mainly used as fuel for cooking and drying tea in China and Japan. Most bamboo charcoal for fuel is a bamboo briquette charcoal, the rest of which is raw bamboo charcoal. Bamboo material has extraordinary micro-structure: it produces high absorptive capacity after carbonization, and becomes more effective after activation. Bamboo charcoal can be used for purifying water, eliminating organic impurity substances and smells. Drinking water sterilized with chlorine is to be treated with bamboo charcoal to remove the residue chlorine and chlorides. In addition, a process involving bamboo charcoal has recently been developed in Taiwan using nanotechnology to combine with silver and produce a textile fibre.Bamboo charcoal vinegar is extracted when making charcoal and is used for hundreds of treatment on almost all aspects. This liquid contains 400 kinds of chemical elements and can be applied in many purposes such as cosmetics, insecticides, deodorants, food processing, and agriculture. Its functions are to expel smell, kill bacteria, keep health and to nourish facial and body skin.

Bamboo charcoal properties:



·         Poros Structure

Bamboo charcoal has countless small cavities. Compared with wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal has about four times more cavities, 3 times more mineral constituent and 4 times better absorption rate. In terms of surface area, bamboo charcoal's 300m2/gram is 10 ten times more than wood charcoal's 30m2/gram.

·         Supplies Negative Ions

Bamboo charcoal can generate a good amount of negative (more precisely, negative-charged) ions, which have the property of giving electrons to nearby matters while the charcoal adsorbs positive ions. The air we breathe in is full of charged particles, and bamboo charcoal gives electrons to such particles, making the air richer in negative ions than in positive ions. Various experiences have shown that air rich in negative ions makes us feel better.


·         Warming Effect of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

A far infrared ray is a kind of electromagnetic waves and is a radiated ray that is capable of warming matters. This ray is well absorbed by organic matters, and the human body absorbs infrared rays ranging in wavelength from 4 to 50µm. Because the infrared rays emitted by bamboo charcoal range between 4 and 16µm, the human body can take full advantage of any healthy effects of bamboo charcoal’s infrared rays. The human body, upon being exposed far infrared rays, warms up like under the sun, and its blood circulation improves considerably.


·         Electromagnetic (EM) Wave Dissipating Power

EM waves are emitted by all sorts of electrical appliances and electronic devices, such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, cellular phones, TV's, personal computers, gaming devices, etc. Studies have shown that excessive amounts of EM waves may be harmful to the human body, and it is conceivable that such phenomena may cause some illnesses in the body.


·         Oxidization Prevention

Oxidization is a process by which materials lose electrons. Bamboo charcoal works as an electron donor. As well as preserving foods, bamboo charcoal skin care products can preserve your skin by preventing oxidization.


·         Water Purifying Power of Microbes

A countless number of totally harmless microbes live inside the pores of bamboo charcoal. In the course of water purification, these microbes are capable of decomposing toxic substances like trihalomethane, chlorine, etc. In addition, the purified water becomes like mineral water as many minerals in the charcoal are dissolved.


·         Humidity Regulator

Bamboo charcoal can also be used around the house. Since bamboo charcoal has a high density and is porous, it can be used to soak or release moisture within the house, helping to maintain humidity equilibrium.


·         A Rich Source of Minerals

During water purification processes, bamboo charcoal dissolves its rich mineral contents into the water, so the purified water becomes mineral-rich.



Other Names: Common Evening Primrose, Fever plant, Great Evening-Primrose,King's-cure-all, Night willow-herb, Scabish, Scurvish, Tree primrose.


Evening Primrose is a North American native biennial plant. The plants are very tall, often 4 to 5 feet or more in height. The stem is erect, stout, soft-hairy, reddish and branching forming a shrub. Leaves are alternate, rough-hairy, lanceolate, about 3 to 6 inches long and lemon-scented. The taproot is elongated, fibrous, yellow on the outside and whitish within. The flower spikes grow on auxiliary branches all along the stalk. They are about 2-1/2 inched in diameter, bright yellow and have four petals, a cross shaped stigma and a refluxed calyx (leaves under petals). The flowers open in the evening and close up during the day and are strongly scented with a delicious sweet perfume which attracts pollinating moths. The fruit is an oblong 1 in. capsule containing many tiny reddish seeds.


Evening Primrose is edible and medicinal and has a long history of use as an alternative medicine . The leaves are cooked and eaten as greens and the roots are said to be sweet succulent and delicious when boiled like potatoes. Flowers are a sweet addition to salads or as a garnish and young seedpods are Steamed. This plant was a staple food for many Native American tribes. Formerly cultivated for its nutritious edible roots, it is being increasingly cultivated for the oil contained in its seeds which contains certain the essential gamma-linoleinc acid (GLA), a very valuable fatty acid that is not found in many plants and has numerous vital functions in the body. GLA is an essential fatty acid that the body does not manufacture. This fatty acid is known to help prevent hardening of the arteries, heart disease, eczema, cirrhosis, rheumatoid arthritis, menopause, PMS, multiple sclerosis, and high blood pressure. It has a positive effect on sex hormone response including the hormones estrogen and testosterone, aids in lowering cholesterol levels, and is important in treating cirrhosis of the liver. Research also demonstrates that primrose oil helps relieve pain and inflammation. The oil also has a positive effect on the uterine muscles, nervous system and metabolism. The bark and the leaves are astringent and sedative. They have proved of use in the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders, whooping cough and asthma. A tea made from the roots is used in the treatment of obesity. A finely ground powder made from the flowering stems is used cosmetically in face-masks to counteract reddened skins.


Evening primrose in the r - linolenic acid, also known vitamin F, is the body's own synthesis and not indispensable essential fatty acids, the body has important physiological activity. The results show that: r - lionlenic acid has anti-inflammatory,anti-oxidation,anti-thrombosis,lipid-lowering,hypolycemic,,the role of anti-aging, chronic diseases of the elderly with a variety of health care functions.

Evening primrose flowers not only has the function of r - linolenic acid ,also rich in 10 kinds of trace elements necessary for the human body, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc ,selenium, vitamin E, C and homocysteine, amino, sugar, protain and enzyme. Containing the body to maintain normal function of the necessary material and human endocrine system adjustment.

Evening primrose flowers features are: to improve sleep, Yangyan emollient, lifting constipation, inhibit fat growth, the gradual elimination of subcutaneous fat, and have a good diet effect Qingrejiedu, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch.

Evening primrose flowers contain both an air purification, while antivirus, sterilization of aromatic oils, aromatic oil and the smell of people in the nasal olfactory cells of contact will be through the olfactory nerve transmitted to the cerebral cortex, Qinrenxinpi have the feeling it is a long time, a blood-gas shun cheong intended to physical and psychological relatively stable.

Evening primrose flowers physical characteristics: soak three days, water eradicating corruption ,no adverse long bubble secretions.




Sweet in flavor, neutral in nature, it acts on spleen, stomach and large intestine channels. The herb is sweet, neutral and moist, rich in oil, effective for moistening and loosening bowels to relieve constipation and treating deficiency and nourishing Yin. It is suitable for patients of old age, protracted disease and postpartum, and constipation caused by deficiency of Yin and blood.


Moistening the bowels to relieve constipation.

Indications: For constipation caused by deficiency of blood and body fluid in the aged and in recovery stage or postpartum women, this herb is usually used in combination with drugs for nourishing Yin and blood, and those for moistening and loosening the bowels, such as Chinese Angelica root (Radix Angelicae Sinensis), peach kernel (Semen Persicae), prepared rehmannia root (Radix Rehmanniae preparata) and perilla seed (Semen Perillae),as in Pill for Moistening the Bowels, Decoction of Hemp Seed and desertliring cistanche (Herba Cistanchis) etc. For constipation caused by excessive heat and deficiency of Yin, Rhubarb, mirabilite and white peony root (Radix Paeoniae Alba) are used as adjuvant remedies to clear heat and loosen the bowels.


It should be used with caution by patients suffering from diarrhea, impotence, seminal emission, gynecological diseases due to spleen and kidney insufficiencies. Reported poisoning signs include confusion in speech, blurred vision, incontinence in urination and defecation etc.

 Lowering lipid levels and counteracting atherosclerosis:

Huo Ma Ren oil can lower the levels of total serum cholesterol, triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and lipid peroxide in rats. It can also lower the levels of total glycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and raises the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol level in male Korean quails, thereby lowering the atherosclerosis index, lessening the pathological changes in the endothelial and smooth muscle cells of the artery wall, and regulating lipid metabolism.

 Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-thrombotic effects:

When administered to mice by intraperitonal infusion at 5 and 15g/kg, Huo Ma Ren's alcohol-based extract can inhibit xylol-induced ear lobe swelling, carrageen in-induced foot pad edema, and acetic acid-induced increase in peritoneal capillary permeability. The same treatment can also reduce the incidence of acetic acid-induced body twisting in mice, and prolong thrombus formation time and coagulation time in rats under electric stimulation to the carotid artery

Dosage and Administration: 10-20g, cracked for decoction or made in forms of pills and powder.




 World-renowned  longevity  village - specialty treasure of Guang Xi BaMa "Tian cha"

Tian cha is a kind of  sweet plant with  natural drug-free,  high- sweet, low-calorie, and best in health function in the world. It uses traditional craft of  “Yao” medicine, with so many speculation and fermentation. The tea’s aromatic smells rich ,the colours bright, and tastes sweet refreshing. Iithocarpus  polystachyus. Rehd is another name of sweet tea. Through the analysis of  nutrition and the medicinal ingredients, confirmed it contains many kinds of nutrient materials, trace elements and vitamin . It is high in medicinal ingredients and with unique characteristics Rubus suavissimus. It is the third-generation tea source that tea, sugar, medicine three in one. Specially, the particle type is an exclusive production, which is based on Chinese traditional Production processes of “Green Tea”, aslo combined modern technology.

Sweet tea has fully maintained an effective biological activity, aesthetic appearance, rich flavor. Because of its high-sweetness but low-calorie  by the combination of Steviol and Glucose, specially good for the staff working in high-temperature environment and the people who like to eat dessert but should be tabooed. The local people  have been eating it for thousand years .So it has many pharmacological effects which can antihypertensive cellulite, hupoglycemic Hu Gan heat diyretic, anticancer change antiallergy and anti-aging .Eating for long time it also can enhance the vitality of cells promote metabolism, enhance immune function.  Also, it is  the sugar substitute that developed countries are finding, good for fat, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and nephropathy because of  long-term excessive eating sugar. So it is a high quality tea meet with modern people return to nature's requirements.

70 - 80 years, the research of Chinese People's Liberation Army Hospital 181 showed that sweet tea is a kind of security, multifunctional, natural sweet drink which is without prejudice for growth and development, hematopoietic system, liver and kidney function, and also no real damage and volume poisoning reaction for main organs as heart, liver, splin, lung, kidney and brain.

Japan to conduct in-depth studies Rubus suavissimus proved that it contains natural substances expectoration. In particular, also with the unique GOD-Sophie ellagitannin, inhibition of COX ,hyaluronic acid substances and inhibition histamine allergic free material can inhibit vascular permeability increase, thus easing the nose, eyes, face allergies. It has a marked effect on the allergic reaction.

 The researchers found that cosmetic made of the extract of sweet tea can improve the itchy skin and inhibit the falling of skin and blood vessel wall's hyaluronic acid. So it can moist skin indirectly and access to beauty result.

Sweet tea does not contain caffeine which can produce the side effects as dizziness, rapid heart beat,palpitation, anxiety irritability, psychological discomfort, sleep disturbance, muscle tremors and so on. So drinking sweet tea will not suffer from insomnia. It's better than other tea.

Tian Cha mainly components:

 Form 1: General components(mg/g)



Crude protein

Total sugar

Reducing sugar


Water-soluble ash

Flooding out









 Form 2: Efficacy components(mg/g)


Total flavonoids






 Form 3: Mineral elements(ug/g) 






















 Form 4: Amino acid composition and the total(ug/g)


Amino acid















AA total


6620   2976













6 %


 The function of the efficacy components:


1.      Contain P-INSULIN>250uIu’it can improve glucose metabolism, reduce blood glucose levels

2.      Enhance 6-glucose oxide activity ,accelerate glucose decomposition

3.      Lower glucose differences of health, reduce blood glucose

4.      Repair B islet cells, increase insulin sensitivity

5.      Protect liver and Kidney’s mitochondria DNA, prevent and improve complications enhance immunity.

6.      Enhance SOD activity, reduce MDA and OX-LDL.

7.      Increase in coronary blood flow, protect for acute myocardial ischemia , has significant effect for coronary heart disease Angina and hypertension, an important role for lower DBP Arrhythmia prevention ,Cardiovascular disease prevention and “huo xue hua yu”

8.      Inhibit vascular atherosclerosis , lower fibrinogen, inhibit Atherosclerosis.

9.      Block Carcinogenic Substances ,for example Ammonium nitrate, directly anti-cancer cells. and enhance immunity

10.   Antioxidant and removal of Oxygen free radicals, make an important role for enhancing immunity andante-aging.




 Pine pollen rich in protein, nucleic acid, lecithin, vitamin, free amino elements and other nutrients, pine pollen broken after the amino acid content higher pollen, can enhance the hum oral immune function, and increase the use of zinc. Pine hyperlipidemia serum lipids in, anti-aging, beauty Yangyan, to promote the use of the treatment of constipation, diarrhea habits, is conducive to the chronic persist. Reduce the symptoms of  diabetes, pine pollen can also topical treatment of diaper diseases such as cervical erosion, is a side effect of small, high nutritional value .

Nutrition Analysis of the results extend life of pine pollen containing including a variety of proteins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and coenzyme, nuclei polysaccharide, the number amounted to more than 200 species of nutrition at all with activity, can be absorbed nutritional value of Chinese medicine.

Over 200 bioactive natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins source in one single pine pollen tablet which are the best herbal health food for everyone. Here are some highlighted effects on human beings:

·         Enhance the metabolic function of the skin and nourish the hair at its roots,

·         Adjust the endocrine system in the human body, improve constitution, and raise the immunity power of the organs,

·         Improve the organic stamina for high efficiency and quick pace,

·         Protect the cardiovascular system by improving the heart, blood, and the blood vessels. (Rutin, one of the components of pine pollen, increases the strength of the capillary vessels and helps protect the cardiovascular system),

·         Improve metabolism and regulate weight,

·         Accelerate the activity of liver cells and regulate bile secretion,

·          Effectively regulate endocrine, and inhibit atrophy of sexual glands through the pollens vitamins. Extremely helpful for men regulating the prostate function and for women starting the change of life,

·         Serves as an ideal food for cold prevention,

·         Improve metabolism and regulate weight,

·         Benefit nutritionally as the safe and toxic-free fat-lowering choice,

·         Nourishes the brain,

·          Function of immunity regulating and strengthening.





Health food.

Camellia oil, which is one of the two major woody edible oils in the world, is called "the olive oil in orient". Camellia oil contains no cholesterol and aflatoxin. The content of oleic acid reaches 78-86%!And the Camellia oil has the remarkable function of reducing the hyperlipidemia. Constantly eating camellia oil can make less incident of diseases, such as prolonging life. The external use of camellia oil can heal the wound of burn, moisten the skin. And prevent the skin from chapping. It is natural medicine and cosmetic, hairdressing oil.

Top quality magic oil.

Camellia plants, mainly grown in China, are rare woody plants which are the resource of tea oil. As a healthy edible oil, it has a variety of nutrients, bright color and un adult - erated taste because grown in the shinny sun for long time without any pollution from little chemical fertilizers or pesticide. It is also a tidbit among so many kinds of oil because of its growing environment, its growing period, its health care and its small quantity. Camellia oil is not only delicious but is the wonderful substance in iatrology field. It has great advantages to the human body.

First of all, it can prevent the cardio-vascular and cerebral diseases from occurring. It richly contains unsaturated fatty acid, long-term taking it in can balance the thickness of blood, and then as a result, the occurrence rate of hyperlipidemia, hypertension and arteriosclerosis etc. could be reduced.

Secondly, camellia oil has the function of non-accumulation of the fat. It is proven by both scientific research and practice that the camellia oil can be highly digested and absorbed. It can prevent fat from gathering under the skin and therefore, ultimately, is the door leading to the human fit keeping.

Thirdly, it can take the internal heat and dampness away and promote the growth of bone as well. Camellia oil is also good for the digestive system and sterilizing as well as detoxification. Besides all these, it can also cue constipation and help the development of the human brain and human bones. Thus, it is especially suitable for old people, puerperal women and babies and infant.

Furthermore, camellia oil is a kind of high quality cosmetic, which can protect the skin and keep the skin away from being creasy and roughness. It blocks off the ultraviolet radiation and to enable the skin to get its natural springiness back as well as to be fine and tender.

To use it for hairdressing, it can make the hair to be bright and soft. It also enables your hair to be free from losing hair and to get rid of scurf. After using it, there is no lily feeling. It's easily to be absorbed! No wonder, it is a kind of trusty pure natural cosmetic.

Different researches show that if we have it for a long time, it can help us regulate blood fat, control coronary heart disease and blood pressure, reduce cholesterol in blood and so on, for it is rich in not only a variety of unsaturated fatty acid such as oleic acid, and linolenic acid but different kinds of micro element which can’t be gained by our bodies. It is rich in fatty acids and many kinds of vitamin. And also it's easily absorbed by the body..It can inhibit fat deposition which is called "do not eat fat fats".

How to use.

Camellia oil can use extensive for firing, steaming, boiling or Liang ban food, also can use for beauty, skincare, massage or the basic oil for medicine injection and cosmetics. When it's fried to 220 degrees has no soot at all. So it is hailed as the best cooking oil in the world.




Suzhou Medical Appliance Manufactory

 Hua Tuo Brand Acumpuncture Needle


The main product of the manufactory - Hua Tuo brand acupuncture needle won the faith and favour from customers by its excellent quality. It was honoured in Succeeding three years with the golden medal of state super quality prize, as well as the prizes of "well known trade mark of state", "Product favoured by customers country wide", "Well known brand product in Jinagsu" and "well known trade mark in Jiangsu". It passed TGA-GMP certificate of Australia in 1995, passed U.S FDA 510(K) Certificate in 1996, and passed Germany TUV-ISO9002 EN 46002 quality System certificate and EEC CE Certificate in 1997. It comes to be the first product in Chinese medical device trade line passed CE Certificate. It is famed as the "first needle of Chinese acupuncture". The product has a good sale on domestic and foreign market covering more than 120 countries and districts. all over the world. It was assigned to be the Specific product by the international training classer held in Bajing, Shanghai and randjing organized by WHO.

The principle of the manufactory is "To Serve the customers, to develop and prosper the medical and healthy cases " We guarantee on the foundation of strong technical team, combination of traditional and modem precise work mall ship and advanced fasting devices, following the running rule of "to create first class enterprise, create first class product, to create first class service" and the purpose of WHO, meeting the needle of continuously expanded new sequisemets of domestic and foreign acupuncture medical circle, for the positive achievements of mutual improvement in health of mankind. our credit is evaluated as "AA" grade thy China Industrial and Commercial Bank Suzhou Branch and China Conrtruefion Bank Suzhou Branch.

Hua Tuo brand Acupuncture needles consists of vast variety and complete specified ranges of product. There are needles with silver plated handle, needles with copper handle, needles with metal tube and needles with plastic handle. The Specification ranges covering 0.14-0.50 ¡Á 13-75mm. It is suitable to use in all acupuncture clinical practices of Chinese traditional medical requirement.

All the material used for acupuncture needles have biological compatibility nature. The material used for needle body is austenite stainless steel (equivalent to Japanese 304 steel). They are manufactured with precisely care and unique technology, They are Keen and Smooth, stiffened needled body makes needle penetration easy, with good hand feeling. The tip of "Pine needle type" needles have the Special features of "blunt with sharpness, sharpened but pointless " , which enables the needle reaching the state that it will not draw out fibre when pulling out the needle after pointed into cotton, and inducing no pill when picks into wooden plate, which results less tingling during needle insertion The body and handle of the needle is firmly fitted together with reasonable modelling, reflecting the mixed character of five factors antique aged, modern, exquisite and completion. It is a glorious crystallation of Chinese traditional medicine.

Hua Tuo lrand acupuncture needle in mainly packaged in "plastic plate + Al foil "or" plastic plate + penetrating paper" manner etc., among afich there are two kinds: one with positions tube and another without positioned tube, each box packed with 100 pieces.

The disposal acupuncture needles are packaged in the 100, 000 level purified room which effectively avoids any heat inducing source, in addition to that ethylene aride sterilization is undertook. The sterilization process is in accordance with ¡¶Code for sterilization fechnie and standard EN 550 of European Economic Community, Sterilization safety guarantee level (SAL) 10-6. Cross infection should be avoided during inserting the needle.

The standard of Product adopted is :GB 2024-94; The product of our Company in comparing with the quality of same category on international market, our product is better than Japanese Mitsubishi brand. Following quality certificates had been authorized for the product: Australia TGA GMP certificate 1995 certificate No:430 U.S.A. FDA 510(K) certificate 1996 certificate No. K95-3299 TUV ISO9002 EN 46002 Quality system certificate 1997 certificate No. Q2 97 0712 002 EEC CE Mark certificate 1997 certificate No. G2D 97 27210 001.

Hua Tuo Brand acupuncture needle won the faith and fasour from customers by its excellent quality. It was honoured in succeeding three gears with the golden medal of State super quality prize, as well as the prizes of "well know trade mark of state", "Product favoured by customers countrywide", "well known brand product in Jiangsu" and "Well known trade mark in Jiangsu ". It is famed as "The first needle of Chinese acupuncture".

The product has a good sale on domestic and foreign Market which covers 120 countries and districts all over the world. It was assigned to be the specific product by the international training classed held in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing Organized by WHO.


11. Magic   Loess

When talking about loess, most of us will associate with the infertile loess plateau, cloudy river, clouds of sand storm……It seems that loess is always associated with poor, backward and ecological damage, very hardly to be connected with “magic”.

Let’s turned the attention to our neighbor-Korea, maybe you can get some illumination. If you have watched Korea TV play, you must have great interests in an unacquainted place with a strange name—“Loess sauna” which impressed you deeply. “Loess sauna” is most popular pastimes in Korea. According to Korean Central Bath Industry Statisticsthere are about 9400 “Loess sauna”  in Korea, just in Seoul there are about 3000-4000. “Loess sauna” is must for most visitors to Korea. According to Seoul Metropolitan Government Statistics, it is the preferred cultural experience which is more popular than Korean massage and Kimchi for tourists.

Why is “Loess sauna” so popular? We should know its unique benefits, can’t easily compare it as traditional sauna. There are big differences between Korean sweat steam and European wet evaporate: sweat steam heats the skin from inside to outside, the sweat pore can be fully diastolic; while wet evaporate heats the skin from outside to inside, it can’t quickly promote blood circulation .Meanwhile the loess and stone of sweat steam room can release far infrared rays, negative ions and mineral substances by high temperature.This can get into skin as deep as 4-5 cm to promote blood circulation and metabolism, so it has the benefits of relaxing muscle, alleviating pains of neck, joint, muscle ,etc . Moreover through perspiring it can make the blood turned acidulous to alkalescent, can help excreting toxic substances in your body, relieving pressure and fatigue. Now “Loess sauna” has been overwhelming not only in Korea, Japan and other East-Asian countries, but in European and American countries as well.

The magic benefits of “Loess sauna” are due to the loess and stone natural materials, loess is the core material. In its initial stages, the “Loess sauna” of Korean Sejong emperor period was built by loess and all kinds stones. Nowadays the old “Loess sauna” has turned to charcoal, crystal, salt , different materials sauna, but still loess occupies a very important position. It is not only because of the long history, but also the time-proven specific features.

Loess is not as common as it seems. From micro-structural analysis, loess has large specific surface area with the sponge-like internal and countless alveolate  ventilatory structure. There are abundant minerals and solar energy in these structures, therefore loess got the name as the "warehouse" of solar energy. It can release abundant far infrared rays and negative ions once it is heated. The test data of Shanghai Institute of Technology indicates that loess can release 92% far infrared rays which is higher than charcoal of 89%. The test data of Chinese Disease Prevention and Control Center shows that the negative ions concentration of loess can reach 1200/cm3, this concentration reaches the standard(1000-3000/cm3) of forest, seaside region ,far beyond the living room standard 40-100/cm3.From the authoritative statistics, we find that loess has the good ability of releasing far infrared rays and negative ions.

According to the experts, loess has the unique benefits which are rarely known by people such as: releasing abundant far infrared rays, dredging the channels and collaterals, promoting blood circulation; giving you fresh air and the negative ions which is as important as vitamins; the enzymes of loess can neutralize vivotoxin—LPO(LPO is generated by freeradicals during peroxidation which caused atherosclerosis and vascular aging);loess has the large specific surface area with the sponge-like internal and countless alveolate ventilatory structure, this unique structure with super adsorption can remove the odor completely……

Loess benefits are recoded in Compendium of Materia Medica, Dongui Bogam, Xiang yao ji cheng fang, there are some interesting applications among folks. Korean Sejong emperor not only left their own characters—Korean to generations but also the health care methods—loess sauna; loess with the ability of detoxification can purify water; Loess can purify water, disinfect and detoxify. If the fishes are contaminated by pesticide in the livestock breeding farm, they can be rescued in time by using the effective ingredient of loess.; Our ancestor usually used baked loess brick to alleviate bellyache, the far infrared rays reached deep into the body to detoxicate; Loess can also prevent red tide to the fisheries; In ancient times, women who had loess kang (a kind of bed made of mud) and loess stove seldom suffered from hard-healed gynecopathies. It was because loess can give out abundant far infrared ray after being heated. The abundant far infrared ray can be absorbed by human body and form a heating effect. It can increase body’s deep temperature and make capillary telangiectasias, so as to exclude gores and toxins, and activate cells.

Nowadays loess gains a big following. In Korea, vegetables planted on loess field (mung beans, barleys, carrots, etc.) are not only edible. Mung beans planted on loess field can be used as materials for detoxification and wound healing; Barley planted on loess field can be used as materials to prevent adult diseases; Champignons planted on loess field contain effective herbal medicine ingredients. Therefore, many plants grown on loess field have medical values. Loess salt has occupied 65% of the Korean supermarket salts organic farming total sales. Korea Loess products not only confined to the sweat steaming, food industry, but also in clothing, household, health-care, cosmetic and so on. In domestic of China, the well-known loess products are not on the market as some technology and the concept reasons. In 2008 this situation has finally been completely changed, near the nice west lake there is a first technology research -- development, professional loess manufacturer-- Hangzhou Rich land Eco-technology Development Co,. Ltd .This company is guided by Korean senior technical experts, investing a large amount of manpower and material resources with countless experiments. It takes 2 years to developing a sophisticated series of loess products after undergoing repeated failures. Now the products includes loess slippers, loess quilts, loess belt, loess pillow, loess pad, loess cushion, loess soap, loess mask and so on . At least every two months developing new loess products.

So far probably you know that loess has the benefits of ecological, or you still doubt that as loess is so good, why do these countries—Japan, Singapore which pay special attention to health care and advanced technology countries –USA, European countries not have loess products yet? This is of geographic factors. Loess is mainly distributed in Central Asia to China's north-west, north and northeast; The world's largest loess area are at north latitude 22-55, there is no loess resources in Japan, Singapore, the United States and other countries. China with the abundant loss resources gets the capacity to develop this ecological product.

Presently, when talking about loess will you associate with the “loess sauna”, the ability of releasing abundant far infrared rays and negative ions, the great variety of loess products? The magic loess with its unique features and effective efficacies attracts more attention and gradually goes into people's lives.


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