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Longevity Valley



In the massive land of southwest China, there’s a land of mystery. There’s a place rarely know by people with heavenly scenery. Here, among every generation there lives a group of people; the elderly over 90 are still enjoying their time doing farming and taking care of their families; over 90 randomly been seen at leisure in home; almost one hundred people have reached or exceeded 100 and are still in good physical and mental health. In terms of historic documents, the oldest native was 142 years old. Since the foundation of the new China, the longest one lived there for 131 years.

This very place is Bama Yao Ethnic Autonomous Country in the northwest mountainous region of Guangxi. In 1991 Bama was honoured “the town of long life” by the Academy of International Natural Medicine. It is the fifth after Caucasus Region of Soviet Union, Hansa in Pakistan, Biercarbarba of Ecuador and Xinjiang of China.

The data took from the second national census to the fifth shows the number of aged people increased constantly. For the fifth census in 200, Bama’s population of people over 100 was 74. Based on the overall population 200of Bama County, the proportion is 3.1/10.000. The number of people around 90-99 was 456 with a proportion of 19.09/10.000. Bama’s proportion of people over 100 is the highest in the five long life regions. Why are there so many senior aged people? Is there any secret behind? Great attention has been aroused to Bama’s long life phenomenon in the whole world.

Chapter 1: Exhibition of Bama’s Senior Aged People
Chapter 2: Mysterious Place of Long Life –Bama
Chapter 3: External Factor That Contribute
Chapter 4: Internal Factors That Contribute
Chapter 5: Bring Home Bama’s External Factors
Chapter 6: Magnet and Magnetic Treatment
Chapter 7: The Menu for Longevity
Chapter 8: Vitamin in Air – Anion (Negative Jon)
Chapter 9: Light of Life – Far Infrared
Chapter 10: Source of Life - Activated Water
Chapter 11: Creation of a healthy Bedding Material—Bridge Polyethylene Foam
Chapter 12: Sleep Tool Material that Creates Health
Chapter 13: Sleeping Is a Guarantee of Healthy Longevity

After Writing…

Chapter 1: Exhibition of Bama’s Senior Aged People

Luo Mabian
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in1906, aged 101, resident of Jieshang Community, Suolne Town. Luo now lives in Jieshang (means “street” in Chinese). She likes to chat with people coming to local fair so as to shorten time spent by herself. Thus, maybe chatting and laughing can ensure fitness and long life. A Chinese saying goes “A smile will make you ten years younger”. This is also a personal experience for Luo.

Li Shanxing
Male, Landianyao ethnic group, born in 1906, aged 101, resident of Zhouyangtun Village, Nashe Town. Li attended private school for two years in his earlier life. Now he is the owner of a small grocery store in the village. His cognitive ability is as good as the young’s. He is also strong and energetic, able to use handsaw to cut logs. Throughout his life, he eats mountain-grown cereals as staple food and camellia oil as cooking oil, drinks stream water flowing across the mountain. He earns his living by growing anise.

Wei Mayouming
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1906, aged 101, resident of Jia’er Village, Xishan Town. At present, she lives with her eldest son’s family, about 600 meters away from her second son’s home. However, despite the distance, she pays a visit to the latter’s home every day and there are even stairs that she has to climb across. This just serves as the very proof to his sound health.

Lu Bamong
Male, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1906, aged 101, resident of Wenhua Street, Bama Town. Among all the long-lived ladies in Bama, Deng is the only one with middle-school education background. Her handwriting and memory are both good. Despite her senior age, she can still recite Doctor Sun Yatsen’s Will with perfect tones, which is really impressive.

Lu Yayi
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1905, aged 102, resident of Shedao Community, Longhua Village, and Bama Town. Five generations enjoy living all together. She has never gone to hospital. Besides cooking daily meals, she manages things herself and does some labour work even, like going out the village for firewood, cutting pig weed and so on.

Mei Mabang
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1905, aged 102, resident of Nongjiu, Xiashan Town. She lives in the mountainous area of Big Stone, eats maize as staple and likes pumpkin porridge. The mountain abounds with so many products that they will never go out of season. She is self-independent and in good health. In the picture, he is peeling cassava.

Chen Naijuan
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1905, aged 102, resident of Xishan Street. Her house is several hundred miles away from the fair place, yet she almost comes to every fair in order to share the joy and do some shopping as well. She is self-independent. Warm-hearted and hospitable, he earns high respect and popularity in the local neighbourhood.

Tan Shizong
Male, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1905, aged 102, resident of Lagao Village Jiazuan Town. Enjoying the company of five generations, he still goes out to cut grass for horse. Specialised in weaving bamboo articles, he is his family’s craftsman. And owing to his exquisite craftsmanship, his friends and relatives also ask him to make some for him. He just does it for pleasure and doesn’t charge money.

Wei Buxiang
Male, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1904, aged 103, resident of Nanong Village. He was nicknamed “Muscleman” in his youth time when he could trek along mountain path with 150 kg on his shoulder. Half or one kilogram of rice wine can be dried up by him without any hangover. In the picture, he is chopping up pigweed.

Li Maguang
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1904, aged 103, resident of Lago Village. She cooks for herself to show others her self-independence. Her idea is that as long as she can manage herself, she won’t trouble others. And this idea is commonly shared among this group of long-lived people.  

Huang Malai
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1904, aged 103, resident of Xishan, Bama. In her youth time when Deng Xiaoping and Wei Boqun (two influent revolutionists in China’s anti-invasion war) are launching uprising in Wuzuan, she often sent food aid like rice and salt to their troop. She was also very active in revolutionary activities. Now she is honoured as scattered Red Army member and receive state pension. She has never been to hospital and is self-independent with a five-generation family.

Lan Buhong
Male, Yao ethnic group, born in 1904, aged 103, resident of Sanlian, Dongshan. He lives on a staple diet of corn, Huomayou (fire sesame oil) and eats soybean often. He is no smoker and only drinks a little rice wine. Because of a late marriage, now he only has four generations.

Li Yayong
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1903, aged 104, resident of Qiling, Hongwan Village, and Yandong Town. Her dwelling place is almost totally isolated from the outside world. Occasionally she had visitors, she would complain “Why I don’t die!” She said this because most of her contemporaries have passed away; she found a lonely life is no longer interesting. Li is still able to pick up vegetables and she also looks after her five-generation child.

Yang Zhi
Female, Han ethnic group, born in1903, aged 104, resident of Baijiu Community, Baijiu Village. She has a big family with many children, grandchildren and so forth. Her eldest daughter has already turned 81. However, Yang is still cooking for herself and can manage other things as well.

Luo Manan
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1902, aged 105, resident of Sanlian Village, Dongshan Town. She is an orphan with her sole relative—her little brother. Due to poverty, her little brother could hardly find a wife. And she only married till 40. Now she lives with her third son. Throughout her life, she is most concerned about her little brother, speaking of whom she often burst into tears on his life of misfortune. In the picture, she is chopping up pigweed.

Tan Ri’an
Male, Yao ethnic group, born in 1902, aged 105, resident of Dana Village, Phoenix Town. She took part in revolution in her young age and later she was treated as Red Army member with state pension .With his 95-year old healthy wife, they make a rare long-lived couple. See the picture; he can manage using an axe with little sweat.

Xiang Si
Female, Han ethnic group, born in 1902, aged 105, resident of Longfeng Village, Yandong Township. She is accompanied by a five-generation family and the youngest child in the family is already 12. All her life, she is coping with the land. Now she is self-independent and quite optimistic. She is virtuous and free from any serious disease. In the picture, she is on the phone with her grandson who is thousand kilometres away from home.

Yv Yazheng
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1902, aged 105, resident of Minan Village, Natao Township. She has a five-generation family. About 200 meters from her home, there runs a stream of originated from a spring. The water is pure, sweet and cool. It’s not only Yv’s cooking water source but also washing source. As a long-lived person, she passes her glory ring to the spring and it gets a name as “Long-lived Spring”.

Wei Yeying
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1902, aged 105, resident of Naba Village, Bama Township. When she was young, she attended Farmer’s Movement Lecture School set up by Wei Boqun in Lening Pock, Wuzuan. Capable of making use of herbal medicine, she made a fair contribution in the revolution time of doctor-shortage and medicine-shortage. Now she also has the welfare treatment of former Red Army members. Her family is made up of five generations, among whom none has ever been to hospital.

Lu Dixiao
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1901, aged 106, resident of Qinghe, Xishan Township. At an altitude of 900 odd meters, her house is very remote and the path to it is steep and hard to reach. That’s why as a long-lived person, she was rarely interviewed. She likes to appreciate the beauty of flowers and eat fruits, so she grows a lot of fruit trees peach trees, plum trees and orange trees around her house. In the picture, Lu said “Flowers bloomed and withered, winter passes with spring to come. And my time to appreciate the flowers is up to my fate.”

Huang Malun
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1901, aged 106, resident of Poyue Village, Jiazuan. Huang is a member of “the seven Long-lived Flowers” of Bama. Living a life free from any illness, her hearing is as good as the youth’s. She is self-independent and enjoys a healthy happy life.

Wei Ma’ai
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1901, aged 106, resident of Jia’er Village, Xishan Township. She became a helpless orphan at an early age and didn’t get married until she was 34. She lives on a diet of corn and has no illness all her life. Besides, she can still manage labour work out, like picking vegetables in garden, feeding pig, watering plants and so on. In the picture, she is watering vegetable seedling using a self-made spray can.

Wei Ma’an
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1900, aged 107, resident of Qiaolao Community, Bading Village, and Bama Township. Wei likes eating wild Huaishan, a kind of sweet potato. In the first half of her life, she went through the hardship with this very wild sweet potato.

Chen Yameng
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1900, aged 107, resident of Longhong Village, Bama Township. With good health and eyesight but not as good hearing, she is capable of taking care of herself. Living on the fourth story, she can still climbs downstairs to take a walk and then back up. Indeed, she is in good condition.

Huang Maling
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1899, aged 108, resident of Pinghan, Jiazuan Township. Also one of “the seven Long-lived Flowers”, she has a lively character and laughs often. Her unforgettable golden time is her youth time when she sings love songs with Wei Boqun. Now she enjoys a family of five generations and is fit just as before. The picture shows her doing gardening work.

Huang Yaying
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1896, aged 111, resident of Poya Community, Suolve Township. The fifth generation boy in the family has turned 12 years old. Huang is optimistic and tolerant in character. Throughout her life, she takes corn as staple diet and camellia oil as cooking oil. She also drinks water from mountain stream. Since 10 years ago, she has been drinking a small amount of medicine liquor every day. And this in return, has given her rosy complexion, less crinkles and no aging pigment.

Tan Madi
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1896, aged 111, resident of Pinglin Village, Natao Township, and Bama. She is still self-independent. Bedroom on the first floor and kitchen on the second, the elderly went up and down stairs. That’s really something.

Wei Malan
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1904, aged 113. She is the Big Sister of Bama’s senior aged people. On her right is her great-granddaughter who is 9.

Yang Bufa
Male, Yao ethnic group, born in 1904, aged 103, resident of Lianya Community, Naba Village. As a child, he is fond of singing. In singing games which may last for three days with his girlfriend, he has never lost a single one. Then she was nicknamed “King of Singers”. Despite his senior age, she still sings from time to time in order to kill time. Having no medical record, he is fully independent. He can go up and down stairs at ease. Due to late marriage, he still bears no fifth generation.

Huang Shanshun
Female, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1902, aged 105, resident of Longlao Community, Ping’an Village. She is skilled in weaving cloth. Depending on that, she has been supporting the family all through her life. In spite of her senior age, she can still weave 6-meter long cloth everyday staying motionless and watching closely of which many young girls are jealous of.  She is illiterate but she speaks Guiliu’s official language very fluently. She is also the most-visited senior aged people in Bama.

Tan Guilian
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1901, aged 106, resident of Baijiu Village, Suolve Township. Her fit body still offers her strength to labour in the field. It’s such an unforgettable thing to see her grey hair bathing in the setting sun’s light reflecting silvery colour which symbolizes the everlasting flame of life.

Huang Buxiao
Male, Zhuang ethnic group, born in 1899, aged 108, resident of Poding Village, Bama Township. He lives on doing farming. His most interested hobby is to blow wood-leaf melody, which is mainly rhythm of mountain folk song. The beautiful melody can bring people comfort in spirit. That’s why he still keeps this hobby even now. He is enjoying heavenly pleasure with the company of five generations.

Luo Xiuzhen
Female, Yao ethnic group, born in 1898, aged 109, resident of Bamai Community, Longhong Village. In his life as a farmer, he is always hard-working. Even today, you may find her either chopping fire wood of picking pigweed in the field. Look, she is binding a bundle of woods together. 

Chapter 2: Mysterious Place of Long life - Bama


After a four hour’s drive from Nan’ning, the capital city of Guangxi Autonomous Region, this legendary place - Bama comes into sight. A small county with a population of 200.000 Bama has always been quite backward because of bottleneck in traffic. On the other hand, owing to this disadvantage, it has turned itself to a land of happiness with little visibility, to some extent just like Shangrila.

Bama’s fame as a long life place can be traced as far back as in the oldest history record. Before Qing Dynasty, the north bank of Bama’s Panyang River is under the jurisdiction of Yongdingtu Bureau. When Emperor Jaqing of Qing Dynasty heard about a 142 year old person of Zhuang - ethnic group in this region,his Majesty got so delighted as to write a poem in honour of this rare seen senior aged people. The person’s name is Lan Xiang. Lan won the treatment parallel to the sixth rank government official. That’s on December 1810 (Poem omitted).

In November of 1898, Emperor Guangxiu himself asked Guangxi’s government to hand an honour board to Deng Chengcai, a villager of Pinglin; Bama for the celebration of his senior age birthday. The board is inscribed with “Only Benevolent people can have a long life”. Till today, this honour board is still kept in Deng Chengcai’s great-grandson Deng Rongxian’s home. Those historic materials all serve as concrete proof to Bama’s long history as a long life place.

In September, 1961, Wuhan Medical Academy’s Researching Team on long life made the very first investigation into Bama’s special phenomenon. They did a survey with above 180 year old people from villages in Bama Township and Fenghuang Township, but they didn’t release the results then. Until 1979, a similar investigation with a more comprehensive approach was conducted by 25 medical and science and research units together. They are from Hubei, Guangxi and Guangxi Province. Thereafter, Bama was formally announced as the long-life county in China. The big scale investigation was transmitted to the whole world through Xinhua Agency in various languages. Also this news made headline on People’s Daily and copied by VOA, Reuter’s Agency, Dagong Newspaper, Ming Newspaper and Wenwei Pao. And in 1981, the Medical Society of Chinese Elderly submitted Bama’s investigation record and relevant materials to the 12th International Science Conference on Senility for the purpose of exchanging experience. This aroused strong reaction and attention again from the international community. Under such a reputation, scholars from France, Canada, Australia, North Korea etc, paid fact-finding visits here to Bama.

Doctor Sentia Jingyi from Japan founded the International Natural Medicine Committee as chairman in 1970. And in 1975, he set up the Sentia Investigation Team on world long-life towns and also laid down requirements for candidate long-life town from around the world. Holding these requirements, Sentia had visited five continents and authorized four long-life towns: Caucasus Region of Soviet Union, Hansa of Pakistan, Biercarbanba of Ecuador and Xinjiang of China.
In September, 1991, Doctor Sentia Jingyi led the fact-finding team to Bama and found out the proportion of people aged over 100 was 30.8/100.000.                  In November the same year, during the 13th Annual Conference of the International Medicine Committee in Tokyo of Japan, Bama of Guangxi Province was formally affirmed as the fifth Long-life Town in the world.

On March 25th, 1998, John Bernard, leader of joint fact finding team of experts from Denmark and German affiliated to the International Elderly Age Ratification Committee , visited Bama in the company of Xiao Zhenyu, the chief of Chinese Science and Research Centre on the Aged . John’s team did a sample survey on the actual age of those senior aged people, to be rather surprised by the fact that every one of them kept time-worn notebooks. The books recorded the “Eight Characters Related to Birth” (usually used in fortunetelling) and the exact Birth date and hour of all family members. This phenomenon won great approval and praise from experts. Besides, before this time never had a country has proof to its senior aged people’s actual age, who mainly infers it out of something else. Experts thought this was incredible and unparalleled. Thus, Bama was recognized by them as a real long life town. And ever since then, Bama became the No. 1 long-life time town ratified by the world as a whole.
Maybe it’s not a rarity that man can live above 100 years old. But the scene that one can still be healthy and free from exterior threats, good in hearing and eyesight is really mysterious. Bama’s senior citizens can not only live a healthy life but can also pass away with a fit body. Almost never was there a malignant tumour case in Bama, neither were heart, brain or blood vessel diseases. This phenomenon makes a sharp contrast with the much pain people usually expire with.
Recently the author saw a miracle of life---“People can live longer than material.” During an interview in Yao Ethnic County, an interviewee named Huang Caishun happily said “I turned 100 without much attention of that. My coffin went out of shape before I do.” She is 105 from Longlao Community, Pingan Village of Bama.
It’s a local custom to prepare coffin for the aged of a certain age in China’s poor mountainous regions and is also a way to express children’s affection to their parents. According the local custom, 60 year-old people may receive a gift coffin from offspring.

In Huang Caishun’s room, there was a new coffin which her son had just made for her last year and it’s actually not the first one. Her son told us that Huang was not very well last year for which he thought of an earlier death before the Spring Festival, yet as a result of a day-to-day recovery, she could eat up several bowls of porridge everyday in spite of some problems with her feet and legs. The first coffin Huang had was made in 1958. Her son took it out from the corridor and we saw a time-worn wood piece. Over 40 years fly like an arrow. Day by day, year by year, its owner is still fit but the material couldn’t stand the aging process.

Chen Jincha, Chief of Bama’s Long life Research Bureau told the author that almost every long-lived people there had the experience of “borrowing” coffin to others, which sound so unbelievable. Someone in the village who died early and couldn’t have a coffin made timely will temporarily “borrow” one from long-lived people with coffin at hand and later will give one back. Pan Yeya lived until she was 116 years old and created a record that four out of her five coffins rotten. Her family had prepared five consecutive coffins in total but one by one, the first four all passed away. And finally she got to use the fifth one. 


Chapter 3: External Factors that Contribute

Bama is really an amazing place. Scattered all over the villages in Panyang River Valley, senior aged people are deeply respected in their family and seen as the honour to the family. Beautiful scenery and fine environment of Bama gives rise to this long life dream. To find the reasons behind this, experts are doing their utmost to find answers to explain Bama’s mysterious environment, following factors are concern with long life.

1. Sufficient sunshine
Belonging to the subtropical monsoon climate, Bama has a long daytime of sunshine which to be summed up can reach 1531 hours on average each year. Relevant materials show that 80% of the sunlight in Bama is the so called “light of life” - far infrared light. With a wavelength of 4 to 14 micrometers, the far infrared light can convert our body’s water of big molecule ball into six-ring water of small molecule ball. In the mean time, the light can also activate tissue cells, improve micro-circulation, strengthen metabolism and upgrade immune capability. Warm sunlight constitutes part of the secret recipe of Bama’s long life phenomenon. Just as an old Chinese saying goes, One hour’s sun bath per day is parallel to eating two eggs. Deducted from all the above, you can see the importance of sunlight to life.

2. Fresh Air
Bama’s air has a high content of oxygen anion which is measured by advanced equipment is as much as 20.000/cm³ in areas along Bama’s Panyang River and in the River Valley of Stone Mountain. What’s more, Bapan, a famous long life village in Bama, has a content of 45,000/cm³. This number is not only ten times or dozens higher than in industrial cities and plain area cities but also several times higher than the famous scenery Lushan Mountain and tourism city Qingdao. As to oxygen onion, it is nicknamed “Vitamin in Air” for the reason of its positive impact on human body. It can help calm nerves, hypnotize people, remove odour and kill bacteria. And this anion (negative ion) in a certain concentration will have a remarkable effect on the treatment of nervous breakdown and insomnia and also can play an assisting role in the treatment to neuro dermatitis and neuro headache. Near the Baimao Cave featuring the highest anion concentration, there are relaxing people from all over the country. Some of them even stay for years, inhaling fresh high anion concentration air by sitting outside this cave. Their illnesses or diseases may get alleviated and luckily can be cured.
According to science research, anion in a certain concentration can help people get rid of tiredness, enhance breathing ability of lung and strengthen the immune system. Based on this, it can help treat common disease for the aged like pneumonectasis, high blood pressure, asthma etc. and slow down the aging process. Not only can it remove the oxygen-free radical in our body, it can also maintain body fluid at a weak base status, which can reduce the blood viscosity and prevent against the attack from chronic disease, especially cancer.    

3. Weak-base Water
Panyang River, a mysterious river in Bama nicknamed “Shenxian (God) Water”, bred the group of long-lived people in this place. Research result shows that villages along the river have turned out the majority this group long life. Water from this river belongs to the six-ring type featuring small molecule ball, which according to scientists is called natural alkaline ion water. This type of water is rich in wholesome minerals and microelements with a content of calcium at 57.8mg/L, solubility 71%.
Featuring non pollution, weak base, strong solubility, high permeability, negative electricity and nutrition, Bama’s water is capable of reducing the production of acid substances, extinguish acid parts, activate the functioning of cells, improve people’s immune ability and alleviate various chronic diseases. Panyang River’s alkaline ion water abounds with microelements which contribute to the longer life span of Bama’s people. It’s been revealed by research that the PH value of the water is between 8.3 and 8.5. Thus after drinking, the body’s blood circulation and cells’ metabolism function will be upgraded and also through neutralization people’s normal need can be satisfied.
Bama’s surface water is mountainous run off. In the form of streams, they originate from a source of large vegetation coverage and fine eco-environment. In here, the water can get filtered by the roots, leaves and branches of dense plants. It turns out an especially naturally purified drinking water whose effectiveness in stimulating longevity and strengthening body is rarely seen before. After doing chemical examination and analysis on the microelements contained, scientists concluded that the water contain pro-longevity microelements in a proper proportion, particularly are manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn). The two microelements are compared to anti-aging element and flame of life by longevity researchers.
What is worth mentioning is that the Mn content in the body of Bama’s long-lived people is around 10 times higher than that of Guangzhou’s(2.23 microgram/gram) and Tokyo’s(2.3 microgram/ gram). The World Health Organization holds that Mn has the function of protecting heart and blood vessels and is activator to various enzymes with an impact on blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure. Taking in a proper amount of Mn can further help the elimination function of free radical by SOD and the elongation of life expectancy. Zinc is relevant to the activity of over 80 enzymes in the body, thus it is an element of vital importance to the sustaining of body’s normal metabolism. The proportion of microelements in the diet of Bama’s aged people is quite appropriate, including a low ratio of Zinc to Cuprum (Cu) and a high ratio of Zinc to Cadmium (Cd). Now it has been discovered the chance of catching Coronary heart disease is directly proportional to the former ratio while inversely proportional to the latter. This phenomenon is what the fact is in Bama. The water’s calcium content is more than or equal to 50mg/L, which accords with the health requirement of the WHO. Besides, with a low content of Na—Na≤ 5mg/L, the water can prevent against heart and blood vessel diseases. The hardness of around 170mg/L also meets the requirements for being healthy water. For all the reasons above, it is reasonable that people in Bama can enjoy longevity through drinking water every day.

4. Slightly Stronger Geomagnetic Field
Research shows: the geomagnetic field in Bama is stronger than any other places in the world with a terrestrial magnetism of 5.3 GS, several times higher than in other places. This magnetism can shield off harmful rays from sunlight; and its magnetic lines of force carved the water available in longevity villages and converted it into six-ring water of small molecule ball. Meanwhile magnetism to a certain strength can help improve human body’s blood circulation especially microcirculation and adjust the balance of ions and between Yin and Yang within human body. As is known to all, the magnetic field is a major and inalienable factor for the nurturing of the world. No substance in the world can disconnect with magnet. During the research about magnetic field’s influence on life, a number of scientists found that magnetic field with certain strength are quite important to the maintaining of a quality life. And there are different magnetic fields in the tissues of human body or even cells. If the body can keep “Status of Magnetic Balance”, the various enzymes in the body can be effectively activated; metabolism can be stimulated and the immunity can also be strengthened.
At the same time, Bama’s soil contains lots of wholesome minerals and microelements which as nutrients can be first absorbed by corps and then enter the body as food. Researchers found that Bama’s soil abounds with Magnesium (Mg) and Zinc (Zinc), two elements that have great influence on the discomposing process from food to body-needed nutrients. Mg can also help stimulate SOD’s (Super Oxidizer, a strong anti-oxidization medicine) effectiveness. SOD can help protect our body from the damage caused by super-oxidization free radical. And also elements like Chromium (Cr) Copper (Cu), iron (Fe) etc contained in the soil can help extend people’s lifespan if absorbed by the body. For example, they can help adjust the sugar in blood, make red blood cells and so forth. And in a research on the hair of people aged over 90, the microelements contained are very high.
In Bama, we also saw a special phenomenon that almost all of the senior-aged people walk in bare feet. This type of primitive and natural life style brought forward unexpected gains. Usually after hard work, especially brain work, a large amount of Oxygen, energy and negative charges are consumed thus making the body accumulate too many positive charges. Average animals will give away positive charges through their limbs’ close touch with the ground and absorb negative charges and negative energy at the same time. However, the shoes people wear is like a closed door which cuts off positive charges’ way out and negative charges’ way in and this will cause cell’s electricity exhaustion.
Of course, shoes are just a small aspect that counts. Then why are the body cells in a lack of magnet? According to research, the modern concrete jungle acting like a web, can screen the magnetic field of the earth; the never-stopping river of vehicles, wires, cables and pipelines cut off the magnetic properties of nature; Transported through iron pipelines which is conductor of magnet, running water’s magnetic field would be diminished and partly absorbed; And people rarely do exercise in the nature so they can’t have access to natural field and so on.
Nevertheless, Bama’s magnet of the earth has never been interrupted. That’s why people of Bama have a healthy long life. A crucial point in this is that both positive and negative charges can “come in and out” timely. So probably Bama’s longevity is closely related to the fact that they like to touch the earth’s magnetic field with a bare feet.
The bottom of our feet is compared as man’s second heart. Walking on rugged mountain path or road will constantly stimulate relevant acupuncture point, thus will help push forward good health. Now many urban dwellers have lost this kind of environment for exercise. So they buy home massage track (See the picture) to exercise at home.

5. Mild Temperature
Panyang River divides Bama into two – Northern Grey Rock Area and Southern Sand Rock Hilly area. Here, there is no worldly hustle and bustle but just quiet and beautiful environment, countless peaks and all-seasonal greenness. Because rainy season overlaps with hot period, it has a warm winter and cool summer with an annual rainfall of 1578cms, average relative humidity of 78% and annual average temperature of 20 centigrade or so. Environment-friendly and people-friendly, the fair air humidity also meets people’s physiological need.
The most special feature Bama bears is its annual average temperature’s contribution to longevity conforms to the 0.618 – so called golden section rule. Whatever in the universe that follows this rule always has the perfect appearance or state, not to mention in the medical field. Let’s see why do people enjoy most comfort in a 20-40 centigrade environment? This is because people’s normal temperature is 37 centigrade. If you multiply 37 and 0.618, you get 22.8 centigrade. Under this temperature, the body’s metabolism, physiological rhythm and function are all in the best condition. While Bama’s annual average temperature is very close to this golden section result 22.8 centigrade, Bama’s long-lived people owe a great deal to this environment of fair temperature. With the help from nature in providing this mild temperature, Bama has a unique privilege. Blessings from the Heaven to Bama are the best gifts in the world: sunlight, air, water and magnetic field. Boasting the four major factors in keeping fitness and stimulating longevity, it’s no longer a mystery for the occurrence of so many long-life cases in Bama. 

Chapter 4: Internal Factors that Contribute


In Bama, not only are good external factors, but also are plenty of internal factors worth being known.

1.Eating Habit
Bama’s aged people tend to be thin which bears a close relation with their long-kept eating habit. For most visitors show concerns for their longevity diet.
It is said that once a visitor came to ask a senior-aged people what he ate to achieve longevity. He gave a slightly exaggerated answer that he ate corn paste for breakfast, roast corn for lunch and corn paste plus roast corn for supper. In spite of the exaggeration, it does prove corn is the best longevity food.

  • 70% Fullness of Stommach
    Bama is located in poor mountain area. There, 90% among the aged had unpleasant starvation experience. So it’s been their true life to have been in the company of hunger while in the fight of hunger. Nevertheless, it is this vey “Hunger Therapy” that has brought them health and longevity in return. Till today, despite progress in their living conditions, they still keep this 70% fullness habit. Actually, their control of food does accords with some reasons from the Science of Health Preservation. Physiologists’ research show the calorie people actually need is 1/3 or 1/5 of his or her desired amount of food. So people should reduce intake of food by 1/3. Americans estimate that if human beings take the mode of “eating less”, people’s life expectancy have the possibility to have an increase by 20 to 130 years. Thus evidently “70% fullness for each meal” is of great importance to longevity.
  • Mainly Eat Vegetable
    It has become a potent of Bama’s long-lived people to only eat vegetable (like Maodou, a type of green bean; Hongshuye, leaf of red potato; Kumaicai, bitter stalk; Cannabis Soup etc.) Bama’s people have always taken vegetable as main food which features low fat, low animal protein, low salt content, low calorie and high vitamin content and high fibre content. They mainly eat corn porridge added by Baishu (white potato) and various kinds of vegetables and beans which are complementary in the supply of nutrients.
    Due to its special geological environment, Bama’s land is only fit for growing the corn. But Bama’s “Jinzhu Corn” (golden-shaped corn) is very nutritious. It has higher protein content than average corn, high fibre element content. And its human-needed Vitamin B1, Vitamin E and Carotene content are also more than in other places. Huangdou, Maodou, Huadou and Fandou (all beans) are rich in lecithin, protein, sugar, calcium, phosphor, iron and other minerals as well as many types of Vitamins, thus they are good nutrient for the elderly. Cannabis oil which is used by Bama’s people the most is the only water-soluble oil. This type of oil abounds with unsaturated fatty acid, Oleic acid, linolenic acid etc. These acid substances can help smoothen the intestine and prevent from constipation, drive down blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.
  • Eat Less Meat
    In the food menu of Bama’s aged people, meat takes a very small portion. Usually, a family there consists of five members. In total, one year’s consumption of meat is about 50 kg. One has less than 50 kg a day. This is the diet structure in Bama’s past. Based on this, Sentia Jinyi made a conclusion after two thorough researches: Longevity Town Bama has grain as its main food added by vegetable plus small amount of meat or little.

2.  Labour Work Maintains Life
Huang Boxin, aged 109 gets up at six every morning. After washing, he immediately goes to pick vegetables in the garden. And it’s a slippery and muddy path to go there. Especially by the field, even a young man might slip to his bottom. However despite ups and downs, Huang still manages a relaxed walk.

  Back from the garden, Huang by the way will stop at a riverside to go down an over 3-meter- high riverbank through twenty-nine steep stairs with no fence. But he doesn’t feel a thing and strives forward. The whole process of leaving home to returning only takes 45 minutes.

  This is Huang Boxin’s daily morning routine. After having 7 o’clock breakfast, Huang started a day’s labour work which he does every day. Sometimes he goes out to chop wood; sometimes he goes to collect buffalo flies. Now in whatever weather conditions, Huang still labours outside shouldering the heavy burden of the family.

  To an ordinary person, a 109-year-old people should be looked after by children, but to Huang it’s vice versa. His son Huang Zhongshen has a serious deformity and Huang’s granddaughters all went out to be migrant workers. Certainly all the jobs fall on Huang. But he has no complaint and regret about this. He said farmers are born to do labour and he will not feel comfortable without it.

  Huang cooks for himself and runs in and out of the house non-stop. The narrator saw him appearing with a barrel of 10 kg water on stable steps from which you can hardly imagine his senior age. The most long lived people in Bama - Luo Xiuzhen - 110 years old, like Huang Boxin are a typical busy senior citizen. Now she still has a strong health. Occasionally she goes to chop woods or collect pigweed. On the slippery mountain path, she takes off her shoes and walks on the stone curves, to most people’s astonishment.

  Bama’s longevity stars also have a long labour age. At 7 or 8, a child will be a follower of parents. And till 60 or 70, he still remains a strong labour. At 80 or 90 they are just half percent discount in doing work. Some though over 100 years old, still support “half of family’s sky”. They chop wood, cook, feed pig and look after children. For them, work is not burden but spiritual need and health-keeping need. So long as one can, one will never stop working. Moreover, Bama offers enough mountains to these aged people to climb either to visit relative or to attend fair. Mountain climbing has become a necessary part in their life. A funny poem about their feeling to mountain climbing goes like this “If not climb for one day, you feel unfulfilled; if tor two days, you feel anxious; if for three days, you feel your body runs sour”. So you see mountain climbing keeps their limbs in good condition and trains their heart.
3. Think Less
Tour guide told us many of Bama’s senior aged people have never been to the city or even town. Because of short sightedness, they don’t have much desire and various ideas of the modern people. This kind of closed situation brings less thought and a character of satisfaction with what they already have. A popular saying goes a person’s fate and life road is fundamentally determined by his or her character.

  The life expectancy of a person is also connected with the character. Ancient people say “Benevolent people has longevity”, ‘Virtuous people has longevity”. Indeed, Bama’s longevity stars are all kind-hearted, generous, tolerant, mild-tempered, extroverted, optimistic and self-independent; not stingy, selfish or too aggressive. They are not wasteful, lazy, greedy, and envious of other’s wealth. They think poverty and affluence are just objective truth; they respect the nature and see little importance of fame and profit, also of life and death. It can be called “No selfish thought in mind, the world is broad.” Since the world is broad, can the road of longevity be not long? And also as previously said the virtuous live long!

  Speaking of this, the narrator recalls a small story during a visit to Longevity Town. If a stranger comes to some village, dogs will bark. But here in Bama, the dogs are always well-behaved. The guide said that it’s a custom in Bama to coexist peacefully, handle things with optimism, respect the aged and love the young, treat others with hospitality. It’s such a harmonious environment that even dog gets influenced. Though it’s funny speaking, it does reflect from an angle that a calm attitude is an important psychological factor of longevity.
4. Optimism
Among all the senior-aged people associated in Bama, the narrator found all of them are very optimistic. When we went to 106-year-old Tan Guilian’s home, he at once made his clothes tidy and waits for us. Despite her senior age, her skin still looks fine. When the narrator complimented her beauty. She could hardly control her laughter saying “Not pretty any more, I’m old, I’ve lost my teeth”. From her facial expression we see her humorous and happy character.

Most of the 90-over-age old people in Bama are illiterate. With no religious belief, they are influenced by Confucianism and Daoism. Loyalty and sincerity are passed from generation to generation. They believe in “Virtue and evil have respective destined endings” and “Poor people have tough bones”. They are realistic,pure-minded and easy to be satisfactory. They feel all at ease by labouring on mountain and singing mountain songs. They usually have a large family of four or five generations in which the aged is dully respected. And the elderly have no special demand for life and are always happy. All the aged people we’ve met have an open character. They like smiling. And they have a close and harmonious neighbourhood relation. Rarely are they angry just as the saying goes, a smile makes you ten years younger. This spiritual health undoubtedly is a factor of longevity.

Medical research shows: people’s psychological action has close internal relation with people’s physiological function. A good mood or attitude can put people’s physiological function at its best state and help strengthen people’s immunity. Optimists tend to have a balance between Yin and Yang and a smooth flow of Qi (air) and blood. This will switch on the best mode for entrails so as to prevent from various diseases.

We can’t avoid the aging of human being’s mechanisms. But if we create the second spring in our spirit, the “rain and dew” of spring will water autumn’s “withered leaf” so as to delay the aging process and extend longevity and achieve “both mental and body health, beautiful spring and fruitful autumn”. Also we have a proverb that goes, old joy is priceless, but just be childlike at senior age.

Certainly healthy longevity is an integrated factor. Bama’s healthy longevity factors may not just consist of the said four reasons. Other reasons like hereditary factors and marriage customs also have impact on life’s quality. But generally speaking, to ensure healthy longevity, fine internal and external environment is crucial.

Chapter 5: Bring Home Bama’s External Factors


A healthy longevity is becoming modern people’s pursuit; more and more people are attracted by Bama’s good living environment. They come to Bama to keep fit as seasonal –bird-style visitor.

But can we all move there since the longevity village is so well? Of course not. The space is too small to hold millions of people there. The narrator came across senior aged person who is 86 from Nanjing. Every year he finds time to stay in Bama for 10 months. His food and accommodation are from local. Every day he rides a bike to the cave to breathe fresh air and bring several bottles of spring water back. He told the narrator in Bama there are up to 100 people like him. Like seasonal birds, they come to stay nearly a year. This group of people usually has some diseases, but their health conditions always have improvement after staying for a period of time. Every day, they eat Bama’s special corn, drink Bama’s spring water, breath Bama’s air and enjoy its sunshine and earth magnetic fluid.
When the narrator unconsciously talked about the function of Combest bed, it was found that this senior-aged people had bought a Japan made magnetic-treatment bed as early as in 1996 and he had been using while they were found to be helpful to their health.
Can we imitate longevity valley, healthy longevity factors like its sunlight, air, water, magnetic field, etc? Can we copy the longevity secret to make it help all families?
After many years’ efforts and devoted research by a great number of scientists and experts, the answer turned out to be “yes”.
That is the Combest health keeping method. Now let’s see how this method brings home the four vital elements to all creatures; sun, air, water and earth magnetic force.
The trade mark of Combest is actually made up of sunlight (on the top), air (on the right), water (on the bottom) and magnetic force (on the left).
Combest health-keeping method is just making use of a person’s daily necessary sleeping time plus the sleeping tool formed by magnetic, far infrared and negative ion, etc. Combest has created sleeping tool a tool of health.
In the following, we will experience Bama’s healthy environment through this multi-functional and health keeping sleeping material.

Chapter 6: Magnet and Magnetic Treatment

The application of magnetic has a long history in China, one of the Chinese four great inventions - compass, is according to the principle of magnetic field orientation. Magnetic therapy was applied to medicine 2.000 years ago, it is very important for people's health. In 190 B.C. magnet started to be use in medicine. Later, in the book “Shen Nong Ben Cao” of Han Dynasty, “Ming Yi Bie Lu”, “Xin Xiu Ben Cao” of Tang Dynasty, “Ben Cao Gang Mu” of Li Shi Zhen all describes that magnet used in medical and folk prescription.
1. Magnetic  Hunger:
In the modern society, some people have the symptoms as follows: Intractable headache, Insomnia, Weak, Diarrhea, Dermatitis, Joint pain. All this are called rare disease of modern civilization - Magnetic Hunger.

Earth is a big magnetic field; South and North Pole are the center of it. It constantly sending a powerful magnetic force makes the terrestrial magnetic field reach every m² average 0.5 Gauss. Because of the natural environment of magnetic field, impacting on human's growth, reproduction and health. Human live in the magnetic field with 0.35-0.7 Gauss, this also forms their body's own biological magnetic field. According to determination, the magnetic of human chest is 1Micro-Gauss, it is 1/1.000.000 of geomagnetic. Heart, lung, brain, muscle and nerve all have weak magnetic, even some hair follicles have extremely weak magnetic. From the research, human cells are also effected by magnetic. New born cells are round size with the largest volume of magnetic, old cells are triangle size with the smallest volume of magnetic.

      From it we know that magnetic is the essential factor for human. Human's normal life and work must have a stable magnetic environment. Magnetic of the earth can't be seen, be touched, be smelled, so people call it as: Underground vitamin. People's health will be changed as the changing of earths magnetic. Some disease such as blood high pressure, heart disease, and stroke are closely related with geomagnetic index. If in one area, the direction of the magnetic and magnetic strength has irregular changes, so the morbidity and mortality is obviously increasing. Dates show that in India the incidence of acute heart disease is proportional with changing of magnetic. In Russia some parts magnetic are abnormal; the morbidity of blood high pressure is 125%-160% higher than magnetic normal area. In the north part of China's Yellow River valley, some are in East Asian mainland magnetic a normal area the morbidity of Coronary Heart Disease is higher than the southern part. The magnetic of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is very weak, so the children from there are shorter than the same age children from U.S.A. The magnetic of Rwanda, Africa is higher, the male's height from one tribal is higher than European male. The water from Hunza region of Pakistan contains lot magnetic, it forms the natural magnetic water resources, and you can easily find longevity people there.

      Human body can't be lack of magnetic; it will affect the cell viability. Blood activity will be reduced by magnetic lacking. Because Sediments will plug Circulatory system, the disease of Nervous, Urinary, and Digestive system comes out.
Recently, the geomagnetic is sharply reducing by the rapid developed economy. Tall buildings, heavy traffic, millions of pipelines and wires, all these shield or weaken magnetic. Research data shows that in the flats, lifts, cars, the magnetic will be reduced by about 40%-50%, easily to get "Magnetic Hunger".

2. Lacking of magnetic, you should get more magnetic

According to magnetic lacking, scientists propose some measures to get more magnetic. Some magnetic products such as: magnetic cups, magnetic quilt, magnetic mattress, magnetic pillows. Taking magnetic mattress for example, when people on under sleep the magnetic can improve human microcirculation, blood circulation, purify blood, speed up cell metabolic, rest orate the vascular wall's flexibility. And also magnetic mattress can promote the waste discharge, lower blood viscosity .It prevent the heart disease and stroke and have long, stable, effective function.
3.During the observation of clinical practice, the application of magnetic therapy are as follows:

  • Promoting cell metabolism, activating cell, promote the waste and harmful substances discharge, make endocrine in balance.
  • Improving blood circulation and human microcirculation.
  • Anti-inflammatory and eliminate pain.
  • Regulate and lower blood pressure.
  • Increase oxygen carrying capacity of the red cells, lower blood viscosity.
  • Enhance and improve body immunity, improve resistance of disease.
  • Anti-aging, eliminate the accumulated free radicals from the body.
  • Improve lipid metabolism, lower cholesterol.
  • Alleviate fatigue, promote physical restoration.
  • Calm the nervous system, eliminate insomnia and nervous.

4.Some attentions:

  • Make distinction between electromagnetic and static magnetic

Electromagnetic is also called alternating magnetic field, the direct feature is that magnetic produced by power line, because different currents produce different electromagnetic wave, long-term contact with them is harmful for health. Electromagnetic radiation is the incentives of a lot modern diseases. Static magnetic is produced by the magnetic material, it matched with the biological field, so can be used for the long term, very safe.

  • Make distinction of  the magnetic strength

According to magnetic strength, it can be divided into three ratings: low-magnetic means the magnetic under 800 Gauss, people don't have the obviously feeling, the magnetic is so low, just have some certain function to keep health, don't have more promoting function. High-magnetic means the magnetic over 2000Gauss, because it is so strong that not suitable for long-term using, but have good effective on local and short-term treatment. Middle-magnetic means the magnetic between 800Gauss and 2000Gauss; it is fully effective and little side effects, so it is widely applied for treatment. Combest magnetic material is 1350Gauss--1600Gauss. The long test from Military Medicine Radiation Research Institute proves that Combest 1600Gauss magnetic is safe.

  • Make distinction between magnetic pieces and magnetic stripes

The basic principles of magnetic therapy is with the function of electricity power, the power is produced when the flowing blood go through the magnetic point. This power can purify blood and promote blood circulation. So the quantity of magnetic points affects the function of electricity power. Magnetic stripes can solute the problem of the quantity of magnetic points; in the same area magnetic stripes' magnetic points are more than magnetic pieces' magnetic points. So magnetic stripes are more effective than magnetic pieces.

  • Make distinction of the penetration from magnetic line

According to the function of magnetic, if the magnet is strong, the radian of magnetic line is low. When the magnet is weak, if the surface area of the magnetic field is bigger, the radian of magnetic line is higher, the penetration seemed stronger. But because the magnetic is weak, the penetration of the surface area doesn't have more effective function. We live in a magnetic earth, the magnetic line can leap from north to south, but it is so weak, just can maintain the growth of all things. How to solute magnetic field with strong penetration? Recently scientists have invented a three-dimensional magnetic field, they link four strong magnets together by the special material, and it also keeps the original radian of magnetic line and the strong penetration. Combest is the first to use this three-dimensional magnetic field.

Chapter 7: The Menu for Longevity

Diet is foundation for the existence of all living things and the most important factor for longevity. An ancient Chinese medical scientist said: “If you want to live longer, you should know and be particular about the function of food you eat”.        The first feature of Bama’s people diet is five cereals and mild flavor. The main food is maize and white rice. Generally speaking, maize account is more than two thirds in the main food while rice is less than one third. Some kinds of sweet potatoes and soybean, pumpkin, hemp, etc. are additional food.

  • Maize

It’s a kind of main food for local Bama’s people. The so called “pearl maize” can absorb manganese, zinc and other chemical elements from the soil. It’s proved that the pear maize contains a kind of special factor that is resistant to cancer – peptide, it can dissolve some substances which can lead to cancer and also contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin E and carrot element.

  • Soybean

The second mainly eat food for local. It’s rich in phosphate, iron, fat, protein, sugar and other minerals.

  • Sweet potato

Its importance isn’t without a meaning. It’s abundant with water, sugar, protein, salt and other various kinds of cellulose and fat. After long time of eating, it prevent from arteriosclerosis, obesity and far depositing in vessel system.

Local people stick to ecological chain that is: soil + crop = human being. Their main non-staple foods are vegetables and a little bit of meat. In winter they usually eat cabbage, carrot and garlic sprouts; in summer pumpkin, sweet potato and other edible mild herb. There are few people in every family who usually consume pork which is less than 50 kg one year, one person who consume pork less than 1, 5 kg per month, less than once per day. It’s the special structure of longevity.

An important aspect in Chinese ancient diet culture concerns five flavors: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty.
Another Chinese medical said: “As long as the five flavors are appropriate, not only stimulate people’s sense of taste, but also awoke people’s appetite and do good for health.” Five flavors have close association with the health of five viscera and also is one of important factors for keeping fit.

Due to natural and ecological environment, the local diet has three features: five cereals and food grains other than rice and wheat and vegetarian diet, the appropriate of five flavors and mild flavor, simple cooking these: low calorie, low animal-protein, low salt, low sugar, high cellulose and high fiber. Base on some investigations about the nutrition condition of local people make by some medical scientists, between the age of 60 and 69, this group of old people take in the amount of calorie about 1998 kilocalorie per day, while the age 90-112, this group take about 1409, less than average level.

Since the local people mainly live on mild flavour, the amount of fat and animal-protein they take in are relevantly low, between age of 60-69, they take the amount of fat around 42, 1 ounce, that of animal-protein is 47.2 ounce, while a group of people whose age is above 90, take the amount of fat is only 31.5 ounce, which accounts for 20% of whole calorie.
Nowadays high blood pressure and coronary heart disease are devastating threat against human’s life. However, the special diet structure of Bama’s people makes them be far from these diseases. It’s proved the incidence of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease are relevantly low, their incidence of vascular disease is 4.77/10 000, that of tumour is 4.42/10 000. The level of their cholesterol is lower than that average person.
As our society develops so rapidly, people are in pursuit of food flavour, they process the food very meticulously and they’d like to eat refined food, but actually that food is a little bit harmful to our health. N the contrary, the method of cooking food made by local people deserves our deep speculation. They stick to one principle of cooking food: simple cooking, few ingredients, maintain natural flavour. Their highest standard of cooking is boiling something to be ripe, there is no demand for the degree of heating, colour and shape but they pursue a kind of natural flavour. For example, the cook fish very simply, when they get fish, they just take out its gallbladder and fry or boil them and never preserve them in salt or add any ingredient.

The mystery of keeping health:

  • Lead very regular life
  • Getting up early
  • Sleep for 7 hours in the night; well and deeply
  • Don’t be full after dinner
  • Be busy every day and never get old
  • Do regular exercises
  • Walk five thousand steps every day
  • Smile in spite of everything
  • Keep good mood
  • Never complain

Chapter 8: Vitamin in Air – Anion (Negative Jon)

If you have been to Bama, you know how fresh the air feels there, and that’s because of a high content of anion in Bama. In medical area, anion is thought to be an effective substance in killing bacteria and cleaning the air. The reason behind lies in that when anion combines with bacteria, bacteria will have restructuring and transformation of energy which bring death to bacteria and make it discompose underneath the earth. Medical research shows that particles in the air with negative electricity can help increase oxygen content in blood and do well to the transportation, absorption and utilization of blood Oxygen. Thus it can facilitate human body’s function and strike a balance among 7 functions of the body. It is proven that anion can have an impact of inhibiting, alleviating and aiding treatment to systems of human body and nearly 30 diseases, not to mention its health preservation effect.
This Vitamin in air has main effects manifested as follows:

1. Nervous system
Anion can help people calm their nerves, improve the functioning of skin and inter layers of the brain, cheer up spirits, eliminate tiredness, upgrade sleep, strengthen appetite, excite parasympathetic nerve system, increase work efficiency, etc.

2. Respiratory system
Facilitate lungs function, speed up movement of fibrins hair tissue and increase the coefficient of respiration (Oxygen absorption volume increases by 20%, carbon dioxide emission from the body increases by 145%). While the cilium movement of the epithelium of trachea’s mucous membrane is strengthened and the secretion of gland is facilitated, the ability of reproducing nasal epithelial cells is further promoted and mucous secretion of membrane function gets recovered.

3. Metabolism
Anion has a certain impact on carbohydrate, protein, fat metabolism as well as water and electrolyte. Taking the anion will help to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood potassium content. It also increases urine volume as well as the excretion of the nitrogen and acetic acid contained. Meanwhile, it can influence the enzyme system, activate various enzymes in the body, facilitate body’s metabolism and strengthen the oxidation process of brain, lung, kidney and other tissues, speed up basic metabolism thus having a positive effect on body’s growth.

4. Circulation system
Anion in the air has the function of reducing blood pressure and improving heart’s function and malnutrition of the heart muscle. By increasing hemoglobin’s content in the blood, the blood sugar is made lower, Ph volume rises up and blood clotting time is shortened thus hematopoietic action is stimulated. Domestically, there have been effective examples of using anion to treat simple and surrounding leucopenia and radiotherapy – caused leucopenia.

5. Disease – curing and health – preserving
Anion can treat, to a certain effect respiratory disease, bronchitis, bronchial asthma and pulmonary emphysema.

What bearing anion content has on health.



Content number/cm³

Bearing degree

Forest and waterfall area

100 000 – 500 000

Natural recovery

Mountain and seaside

50 000 – 100 000

Killing bacteria and reduce infection

Suburb and field

5 000 – 50 000

Strengthen immunity and antibacterial ability

Urban garden

1 000 – 2 000

Sustain basic need of health

Green belt of street

100 - 200

On the verge of inducing physiological disturbance

Urban enclosed apartment

40 - 50

Include physiological disturbance like headache, insomnia, neurasthenia, fatigue, respiratory canal disease, allergy, etc.

Cold or warm air-conditioned room for a long time

0 - 25

Induce “Air Conditioner Syndrome”

6. Immune system
It can help to improve function of body strengthen anti disease ability.

7. Purifying the air
Anion can effectively drive away smog and dust, remove strange smell from the air and scare away furnishing – caused poisonous gas and rather air pollution.

Another feature of tourmaline is that under a certain pressure it can produce anion, which is amazing about this substance.

Contrast between anion and cation effect.

Situation subject

Too much anion

Too much cation


Slightly alkaline


Blood vessel

Fluent blood circulation

Blood circulation hindered

Blood pressure


Rises up

Heart beat



Allergy possibility

Not easily



Returns to normal

Easy to have


Uneasy to be and soon recovery

Easy to have and slow recovery


Chapter 9: Light of Life – Far Infrared

The sun light is divided into visible and invisible light. The former refers to red, orange, yellow, green, verdant, blue and purple. The latter refers to ultraviolet light. Far infrared light has a wave length between 30-1 000 microns. Scientific research show that human body – friendly light is the invisible infrared light that takes up to 6% of the sun’s Power that the earth receives. The infrared light the wavelength at 5.6-15 microns is of vital importance to the existence of the mankind and the growth of other creatures and plants.

  X radia ultra violet visible light near infrared far infrared microwave
Microns 0,04 0,39 0,4 - 0,7 0,76 2,5 1000

According to life science research, human body itself is an infrared radiation source which can receive and send out far infrared light. When the far infrared shines on the human body, there can be resonant effect if the radiation frequency matches with the moving frequency of cells and water molecules from atom to atom. In this condition, the energy reaches the highest and is also available for the body to absorb. Thus the bottom layer of subcutaneous tissue will have a rise of temperature. This caused heat effect will activate the molecules to keep it at a state of high energy. Under this state, the speed of human body – needed biological enzymes’ synthesis is increased; biological molecules like protein will be activated; body immunity and cells’ regeneration ability can be strengthened; the supply of nutrients and the life become more often. Under all the above conditions, body health is better maintained.
In 2000 Combest company first introduced in the natural far infrared material from abroad – Tourmaline. Through research and development, Tourmaline is made of a new material. After being pressed hard into extremely small pieces, it gets mixed with fibre and then becomes a new material to make textile product for special function use. When there is heat from the human body, the material will be spurred to radiate far infrared light with wavelength of 4-14 microns. Because percent of man’s skin is made up of water far infrared light in this range of wavelength is a perfect match with human body’s heat radiation; it is called: “The light of life”. Being shine by the light, temperature of the body will have an increase of 2-3 centigrade. The warm effect caused can effectively improve hypodermal microcirculation, facilitate metabolism of cells and this has a good impact on health.
Seventy per cent of human body is made up of water which is a good absorbent material of infrared light; therefore human body resembles water in absorbing infrared light which falls in two absorption ranges of 2, 5-4 microns and 5.6-10 microns. According to match-and-absorb theory, when the wavelength of infrared light matches the recipient’s absorption wavelength, resonant absorption occurs to the recipient’s molecules. The far infrared light with a wavelength of above 3 microns makes a perfect match with the absorption of skin. It is the best absorption.
The reason behind are that of infrared light’s penetrating depth. The penetrating depth of visible light and near infrared light is about one centimeter while that of far infrared light is 0, 05-1 millimeter. The longer the wavelength of infrared light is, the poorer its penetrating ability becomes. Hence, majority of far infrared light’s energy is absorbed by shallow layer of the spin (the stratum and corneum absorb over 60% of it). The treatment instrument of the far infrared light is suitable for treating diseases of the shallow layer. However this doesn’t prevent the curing of diseases at deeper layer, because through passage by media and blood circulation, the light still reaches the bottom layer of tissue. The far infrared magnetic treatment mat just belongs to this type. On the other hand, the near infrared light has a deeper penetrating ability of about 10 millimeters. At this depth, there are abundant blood vessels, lymph’s and nerve endings as well as the acupuncture channels and point which are used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This provides science basis for the joint of using infrared light by Chinese and Western Medicine.
It’s known to all, when two waves have equal length and affects each other, there will be resonance effect. As human body is biological creature, 70-80% of which is made up of water molecules, under the influence of resonance, the vibration level of water molecules is motivated and thus a series of physiology reaction are caused.
According to scientific research, the heat effect of far infrared light, the resonance and absorption of human body mainly bring out the following functions:

1.Spore the activation of big biological molecules,

2.Make biological body able to be activated and stay in a state of strong vibration,
In this way, nucleic acid protein as well as other small and big biological molecules is activated. Hence, big biological molecules are given scope for its metabolism, immunity and other functions. This is a good for the recovery and balance of body’s capability so as to prevent and cure diseases.

3.Facilitate and improve blood circulation
After having an impact on the skin, most energy of far infrared light is absorbed by the skin and later transformed into heat energy which bring about a rise of skin temperature. Then the heat censor under skin gets stimulated and reflected by thalamic brain, smooth muscle of blood vessels relax, blood vessels expand and blood circulation speed up. In the mean time, due to heat effect, blood vessel’s activating substance is released causing a decrease in blood vessel’s tension. Small, shallow artery, shallow capillary and shallow vein all expand thus making contribution to the speed-up of blood circulation. According to the test conducted by Blood research Branch of China’s medicine Science Institution; micro-circulation’s blood volume can have increase of 114% in 20 minutes.

4.Promote metabolism
If there occurs to human’s body metabolism turbulence, the exchange of substances from inside and outside the body will be abnormal to cause unexpected diseases. For example, the turbulence of water and electrolyte’s metabolism can bring danger to life; turbulence to sugar’s metabolism brings diabetes to fat metabolism brings high blood-fat disease and obesity; to protein metabolism brings gout and so forth. Trough far infrared lights heat effect, there is more vigor from cells to adjust the body of nerve fluid, strengthen metabolism and maintain a balanced state of substances exchange from inside and outside the body.

5.Increase Human’s body immune ability
Immunity is a psychological protective reaction of human body. Including cell’s immunity and body fluid immunity, it is of great importance to man’s protective and anti-infected ability. Based on clinical observation, far infrared light have the ability to improve the phagocytosis of macrophage, intensify human body’s cell immunity and body fluid immunity so it’s beneficial to maintain human body’s health.

6.Eliminate inflammation and swelling

  • Through nerve body fluid’s response reaction, the heat effect of far infrared light helps eliminate the pathological process of inflammation and recover damaged physiological balance, increase local and whole body’s anti-disease ability, activate functioning of immune cells and strengthen the phagocytosis of white cells and web-shaped endothelial cells. Thus the goal of eliminating inflammation and inhibiting bacteria can be well achieved.
  • The heat effect of far infrared light help to increase skin’s temperature, bring down sympathetic nerve’s ability, release blood vessel’s activating substance, expand blood vessel, speed up blood flow and improve the blood circulation. Also, tissue’s nutrition is improved, and its metabolism gets activated. The supply of Oxygen to cells is increased so as to better the state of blood and Oxygen supply in focal region, strengthen the reproductive ability of cells. The development of inflammation is controlled and localized and the speed of recovery of focus is increase.
  • The eat effect also upgrades micro circulation and establishes collateral circulation to enhance the stability of membrane and adjust the depth of ion. The metabolism and excretion of poisonous substances and waste are facilitated and the absorption of exudates increases its speed to make the withdrawal of inflammation and edema.

7.Reduce a pain
Heat effect of far infrared light reduces the excitability of nerve endings. The improvement in blood circulation and withdrawal of edema contribute to the reduction of chemical and mechanical stimulation of nerve endings. For all the reason above, analgesic effect can be attained.

For all the functions listed, we see a very wide scope for the far infrared light to give play to give play to its treatment and assistance in treatment of diseases, especially to some chronic diseases, it has very good effect.

Blessed with a long daytime of sunlight and abundant far infrared light, Bama has another important factor to be crowned Longevity Village.

Chapter 10: Source of Life - Activated Water

It is known to all that water is the source of life. White Tourmaline, at the touch of water will make water an ionized, a most outstanding and astonishing special feature Tourmaline bears. We know that water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom. Once it touches with Tourmaline which can release electrons, water will take on a slight electronics to become hydrogen ion and HO¯. While the hydrogen ion combines with anion released by Tourmaline, thus it is neutralized and then given out as hydrogen atom. HO¯ combines with water and turns into HO¯ ion’s negative ion. After all the above chemical reactions, the water has accumulated plenty HO¯ ions. Because of the decrease of water’s hydrogen content and the increase of HO¯ ions with negative electrons. The PH volume of water is around 7.4 which id slightly alkaline and so the alkaline ion water comes into shape. Combest burns the Tourmaline into small particles and name it “active water element”. Water that is put in to active water and left there for a while becomes slightly alkaline and active.

Ten functions alkaline Jon water to human body’s health:
1. Make also the body fluid alkaline to adjust body into the best state,
2. Eliminate any poisonous elements contained in active Oxygen and ensure a healthy internal environment and protection against disturbances from harmful elements,
3. Activate cells and ensure the normal function of metabolism,
4. Clean the blood and get rid of poisonous elements,
5. Recover from fatigue and stay energetic,
6. Adjust the balance of vegetative nerve system and ensure normal operation of internal organs,
7. Enhance anti-disease ability and reduce happening of disease,
8. Reduce pain and calm nerves,
9. Improve anaphylaxis body and protect against the occurrence of immune metaphases disease,
10. Show down the aging process and facilitate healthy longevity.

Interface activating function of alkaline Ion water.
People who have ever used Tourmaline’s alkaline ion water will have experience in respective respects:
To use it for a bath, your body feels especially cool and smooth; to use it to wash hair, your hair will have a good time with comb; for washing clothes, you can reduce the amount of detergent; to leave some of it in the toilet, the toilet doesn’t easily gather dirt; etc.
These are all the result of interface activating function of alkaline ion water.
The so-called interface refers to the surface between two different systems. Just as two-liquid interface, it means the surface between two mutually insoluble liquids. The same is surface between solid and liquid. When people bathe using Tourmaline’s alkaline ion water in a bath’s tube, there naturally forms on interface between the water and the bath’s tube as well as between the water and the body. While bathing, being a good interface activating substance. The alkaline water is given full role to its interface activating function and dust cover of skin will easily fall of. Also, the shining and clean degree of the bath’s tube upgrade so that dirt can hardly stick to its surface. This example shows alkaline ion water’s important effect in environmental protection of health – preserving.
Here in Bama, an old custom is still kept, that is naked bath. In the clean Panyang River, people in their nude happily enjoy touch from the nature and their skin is made as smooth as butter by activating elements contained in the water of Panyang River.

Chapter 11: Creation of a healthy Bedding Material Bridge Polyethylene Foam

Whatever the traditional bed material comes from the clay or wood, both of them are support back, making our back under compression during sleep. Because the blood and nervous vessels from back are under compression, making the heart over burdened. Meanwhile our spinal bones show S-bend, so we feel uncomfortable from back and haunch when we sleep on the bed. The discomfort and compressing make people emancipated rotation quite often, causing the bad sleep.
With the era of comfort comes, Simmons entered people's lives, the Spring of Simmons support plane, it can really make people sleep in a compared comfortable environment. The two supports of back and haunch now become one support of haunch. From beginning of using Simmons, people who accustomed to use the hard bed material will feel Simmons comfortable, but later the disadvantage comes out, body type has changed and the S-curve spine deformed. A survey from U.S.A shows that: when people plainly sleep on Simmons, 74% of their spine is under deformation; when they sleep on Simmons, 100% of their spine is under deformation. The deformation of spines will compress the blood vessel and the nervous; it will cause a lot of problems. At the same time, human body is under the deformation during night, can't fully relax and completely alleviate fatigue.
The hard bed is not good, because it makes muscle and spine loaded and injured. But compare to adult, children are more unsuitable for soft bed. Because children's spines keep growing, if sleeping on the soft bed ,will easily cause the spines and  thorax mal formatted so that effect lung and heart. If plainly sleep, will easily cause humpback.
Combest mattress uses the imported Bridge Foam material, flexibility and reducing is close to human's finger. The Bridge Foam Polyethylene mattress replace the Simmons, it changes the plainly support of traditional mattress into points support, so brings bedding revolution.

The Bridge Foam Material has certain hardness, this hardness can completely support the body weight, and also when people lay down on the mattress, weight can spread, not just concentrated in a certain point. Because of weight spreading, it can keep the original physiological bending of spines and ease symptoms which are caused by bones deformation. Meanwhile the certain point supporting can reduce back oppression, improve blood flowing of back and nerve conduction, ease burden of heart. Every night we keep emancipated rotating, because of the certain point supporting, it can give us acupressure. The Simmons doesn’t have this effective function.

Chapter 12: Sleep Tool Material that Creates Health

Traditional bed is either made earth or wood. They support our back with a flat surface pressing our back while we sleep. The blood vessels and nerves of the back being pressed, our heart’s load is made heavier and the burden becomes heavier as well. Besides, our spine is as curved as an “S”, so when sleeping on a hard bed, people don’t feel comfortable in back and buttock. Such a pressure and in comfort will increase the times people turn over and will bring about light sleep and easy awakening.
As the era of comfort comes, soft mattress enters people’s life. With a spring – supported surface, it makes a quite soft environment for people to sleep in. Sleeping on the traditional hard bed, we have two supporting points, one on the back and second at the buttock. Now with soft mattress only the supporting point at the buttock remains. At the beginning, the soft mattress can provide comfort to people who are used to hard bed, but very soon its back side surfaces. The body is deformed as the curved shape “S” is damaged. A survey done in the U.S. shows that 74% of people sleeping on their back on a soft mattress have their spine at a state of deformation, 100% of people sleeping on their side on a soft mattress have a spine at state of deformation. This deformation will press nearly nerves and blood vessels and trigger more diseases. What’s worse, in a deformation state at night, human body can’t relax completely to alleviate fatigue or tiredness.
S hard bed attaches burden to the muscle and spine, hard bad can be not good. Compared with adult it’s even more important for child to sleep on a soft bed. This is because deformation of the spine can be easily caused in case of sleeping on the soft bed. These specific damages are thorax deformation caused by sleeping on one side which will affect the development of child’s lung, heart and lunch back caused by sleeping on breast.
Combest mattress uses imported closed-cross linked foam which is made through high foaming which have made its elasticity and reducibility close to human finger. Therefore, with this material as the major part. Combest’s mattress completely replaces the spring support of soft mattress. It also transforms traditional bed’s surface support into dots support and becomes a crucial material to realize the revolution of bed. For its feature of closed-cross linked foam it has a certain hardness to support entire body’s weight and disperse it rather than making it concentrating on particular point. Such kind of support can keep the spine at its original curved shape and it also alleviates symptoms triggered by skeleton deformation. What’s more, featuring dots support, the space of the back pressed is reduced which has a positive impact on the blood flow and transmission among nerves. It also helps reduce heart’s burden a lot. When we turn over on such bad, the dots support surface can function like fingers doing massage. This can never be achieved by traditional soft mattress.

Cervical vertebra:
1. Neurophysiology, hysteria, insomnia, nerve system disease, hemiplegic, vertigo
2. Headache, plagiocephaly, sprain of neck, uraemia
3. Dumb, nose problem, eye weakness, sore pain of shoulder
4. Trigeminal neuralgia, amblyopic, stomach spasm, tooth problem, ear weakness, tonsillitis, etc.
5. Sprain of head, bronchial asthma, larynx problems
6. Goitre, asthma, exophthalmia goitre
7. Arteriosclerosis, sprain of neck, stomach pain, bronchitis, heart attack, upper limbs problem

Thoracic vertebra:
1. Breast muscle and head problems, hyper function of   blood pressure, heart intimitis, pericarditis, emphysema
2. Heart attack, arteriosclerosis, lack of breast milk
3. Tuberculosis, pleurisy, temporary suffocation
4. Lung problem, hyperacidity or lack of stomach acid, diabetes, jam dice,  sore pain of the shoulder
5. Stomach problem, dysentery, aversion to cold, spleen
6. Stomach problem, thrombus, kidney problem, intercostals nerve pain, indigestion, etc.
7. Stomach problem, stomach ulcer, anorexia
8. Liver problem, diabetes, indigestion
9. Polio, rural paralysis, choleithiasis, visceral
10. Kidney problem, rheumatism, anaemia, narrowness disease of the heart valve.
11. Diabetes, hyperaemia disease, aconuresis
12. Dysentery, febrile disease, leucorrhoea

Lumbar vertebra:
1. Stomach and intestime disease, constipation, nervous fatigue
2. Anaemia, sterility, liver disease
3. Ovary disease, no or unsmooth menstruation, uterus disease, genital organ disease, urethritis
4. Constipation, lumbago, sciatica, knee and joint disease, haemorrhoids, disturbance of gait
5. Haemorrhoids, rheumatism, local paralysis, coldness, hemoproctia, uterus disease

Coccyx vertebra:

Cystitis, rectum, genital organ disease, sciatica, nervous system disease.

Chapter 13: Sleeping Is a Guarantee of Healthy Longevity

  • Definition of sleeping.

Sleeping refers to the state of relapsing dullness or non-react. When sleeping, people’s consciousness level decreases or disappears. Most physiology activity enters into dull state. Through sleeping, tired nerve cells can recover its normal physiology function, and people’s spirit and body strength can be regained. During sleeping, secretion of anterior pituitary’s growth hormone increases significantly. This is a good for growth of body, increase of micleoprotein’s synthesis and the store of memory.

  • Inadequate sleep lead to senility

Research shows that after a period of time of inadequate sleep, body will take on symptom of senility. Serious ones may even have heart attack; diabetes and other diseases. This is the first time when scientist has found the connection between senility and inadequate sleep. For a long time, it is thought that sleep will only affect brain, but it was found by researchers that inadequate sleep also can affect the function of hormone and metabolism. In the research, there two healthy men were chosen as experiment objective. In the first night of the experiment, they slept for 8 hours and in the following six nights they sleep only four hours per night. In the latest seven nights they sleep for 12 hours per night. Then researchers tested these experimental people’s metabolism speed, hormone cortical level which affects blood sugar concentration as well as heart beats, etc.
The conclusion is that after all the study finished; all experimental people’s blood concentration rose up. After taking in food of high carbohydrate, they need four folds time more than normal people to adjust their blood sugar concentration. Besides, their hormone is often imbalanced. All those situations are a call of senility.
So it’s also an effective way of protecting against diseases and keeping youth to sleep more besides a happy mood.

  • Main functions of sleep

Eliminate tiredness and recover:
This is because during sleep, gastrointestinal tract and related organs synthesise body – needed energy substance in supply of people’s activity. Meanwhile, with the decline in body temperature, heart frequency and blood pressure, reduction of respiration and part of internal secretion, the basic metabolism rate is lowered to make way for the recovery of body.

Protect brain and recover one’s energy:
If we don’t sleep enough, the outcome may come as depression, excitement or low spirits, distraction of attention, loss of memory ability, etc. Staying this state for a long time may cause false feeling. On the contrary, big sleepers are full of energy, quick in mind, efficient in handling things. This is thankful to the big amount reduction of oxygen consumption when the brain is sleeping. Brain cells can be better stored and brain is protected and upgraded.

Strengthen immunity and recover the body:
Normally, immunity of the body can produce antibodies to safeguard the body health. Sleep can help enhance this resistance ability of the body. Meanwhile, sleep can also increase the speed of self-recovery of various tissues concerning organs. In modern medicine science, sleep is made a therapy which escort patients through the hard time, and increase its good for the recovery.

Promote children’s growth and development:
Sleep is closely related to the growth and development of children. In a quite long period after infant’s birth, the brain continues developing. This process can’t go without sleep and children’s growth speed while asleep is faster because the plasma growth hormone can be maintained at a quite high level for several hours. Adequate sleep can help to promote children’s growth and development.

Slow down aging process facilitate longevity:
In recent years, it has been shown by many research and study materials, that healthy being-lived people must have a good and normal sleep habit. Like a flame, man’s life lasts longer when burning with a rule; if not, it can only become shorted for diseases etc. The time of sleep is the time when the flame as it this lowest burning state. So it can help create a long life.

Pressure and psychological health:
Sleep has a great importance to the mental health of people. If we don’t sleep well for a short period, distraction of attention can take place; if for a long period, turbulence of thought and logic will occur.

Good for skin:
While we sleep, capillary blood vessel’s circulation happens more often. The excretion and purifying process is strengthened so as to bring about a faster regeneration of skin. Beauty is certainly maintained.

Scientific sleep manner ensures a sound sleep:
Sleep takes up 113 of our life, through which man recovers body health adjust mood, energise body strength and regain vigour. However, being so important sleep is also very vulnerable. It’s so vulnerable that any of three factors: time, place and people themselves get interrupted, sleep is going on strike.

  • Time:

From the perspective of health –preservation, sleep should follow the rule of: “foster Yang in spring and summer”; “foster Yin in autumn and winter”. Specifically, this means to sleep late and wake up early in spring and summer while do the opposite in autumn and winter. Normal sleeping hours are:
Around 8 hours for adult, 9, 5 hours for the youth and 5-7 hours for the aged. The people in poor health should sleep extra hours properly. Of course, sleep is not the more, the better. It is found that people who sleep over 10 hours, compared with people who sleep for just 7 hours, have one more chance to die to a heart attack and 3, 5 times more chance to die of sudden brain death.

  • Place:

Choice of the bedroom can be very important. It’s better not to be too noisy or bright while a tranquil and din-light environment. There should also be goo ventilation and appropriate moisture. It’s not suggested that you sleep against the wind or close to wet place. The position of the bed head also has some technique in it. The bed should be arranged along the North-South line so that when sleeping – the Qi (air) and blood inside body can move in the same direction with that of the earth’s magnetic force line. As those biological molecules follow this direction and line up, air and blood flow more smoothly and the metabolism rate of brain cells decline. Hence, the calorie consumed is fewer and naturally you will feel fresh when awake.

  • People themselves:

The crucial point is your attitude towards insomnia. If you persist in adjusting yourself from the aspect of everyday life, food, work, change of mood, etc. you can easily discover the fact that insomnia can be cured without taking medicine.

The following is a general summary of ways conductive to sleep.

1. Get up early and take w walk in the early morning sunlight. This can help shorten the period of sleep make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. The reason behind is that under the sunlight. Stimulating pineal body of the brain with secret melanocyte ahead of time.
2. Exercise can also shorten your period of sleep. After a day’s riding, your sleep period will be shortened and you will go to bed earlier to enjoy a sound sleep.
3. To increase your body temperature is also good for sleep. Sauna bath or warm water bath of at least 15 minutes can help to achieve this effect.
4. Avoid sleeping for over one hour or after 4 p.m. because that will make you feel tireless at night.
5. Don’t eat or drink anything that contains caffeine, such as coffee or tea after supper because it will bring insomnia by stimulating the excitement centre in the brain.
6. Drink less water in the evening to avoid receiving too many calls from nature (going to pee to many times) which may affect your sleep quality.
7. During the one or two hours before sleeping, you may eat some snacks to facilitate the release of insulin. Then tryptophan is pushed into the brain and after transformed into melonocyte which help people pleasantly fall asleep.
8. In the one hour before sleep do some simple readings or watch some comedy TV programs to relax your brain. You can also do some household chores.
9. If within 15 minutes on the bed you still can’t asleep, don’t lie there and turn over from back to back again and again. This will only let you connect the bed with insomnia. You’d better find some light books to read.
10. Except emergencies, switch off your phone while asleep. It’s a tragedy to be disturbed in midnight or early morning by ring. Finally choose a light living attitude and you can have a sound sleep for the whole night.

  • Necessary conditions for the obtaining of comfortable sleep environment:

Sleep tool:
Whether is the bed of the south or the bed made out of earth of the north, it should be both put or built following the North-South direction. When we sleeping, man’s head is toward the north and feet are toward the south, free from disturbances of the earth’s magnetic field. The hardness of the bed should be medium. If it’s too hard, man has to turn over and over and won’t sleep well with sore pain all over the body. The height of the pillow usually equals the length of the sleeper’s shoulder. If it’s too low it may cause deformation of cervical spine. In summer, pillow should often be cleaned and put under the sun so as to avoid bacteria entering the mouth and causing lung-related disease.
Sleep posture:
For those with heart problems, they are advised to sleep on their right side to reduce the incidence of any illness when pressing the heart. For those who suffering from pain because of high blood pressure in the part of brain, they are advised to take a pillow higher. Patients who
Diseases relates to lung diseases, besides making the pillow higher, the also should often change the side they sleep on, to make way for the excretion of sputum. For people with stuffed or full stomach and repeatability disease, it’s advised that they sleep on their right side, and for those who have painful limbs, that they should better not sleep while pressing the painful place.
In general, to choose a comfortable sleep posture conductive to recovery is helpful for sound sleep.

Sleep time:
Usually sleep time should last for 7 or 8 hours but not necessarily. Individual difference should also be noticed. In cases of quickly falling asleep and have a deep sleep, free form dream or just occasionally, 6 hour-long sleeps is enough for the complete recovery of energy. In the reverse cases even 10 hours-long sleep can’t make a fresh mind and body. This should be treated to be able to have efficient sleep. Due to individuals, different physiological rhythm, whether one sleeps early or late really depends. Actually, out of this reason, there arise two situations. Night owl and lark for 24 hours. Following the physiological rhythm is conductive to the increase of work efficiency and life quality, otherwise just the opposite.

Sleep environmental:
Good or bad sleep is closely related to sleep environment. The appropriate temperature for mankind to sleep is between 15-24 °. In closed room in winter, left smoke of cigarettes or leak of gas makes sleep difficult. Residence close to radiation source which transmit high frequency electromagnetic wave and without apparent disease, you don’t sleep well for a long time, it would be a wise choice to migrate to farther place.

As mentioned above, if people can master the four elements of a sleep, a quality of it will be easily available. You can be dedicated with even more energy to work and live.

After writing…

As science advances, people’s knowledge about senility is also depended. Senility mainly falls into two categories physiological senility and pathological senility. From the point of life’s development rule, aging is a must result and death is the only destination of life. For physiological senility, the death is caused psychological death, namely die of being too old. This is inescapable for everyone. However, for pathological senility is actually pre-aging. The death is actually caused by illness or diseases. There are fundamental differences between two types of senility. The former is natural process of life which happens to everyone, while the later is abnormal and doesn’t necessarily happen to all. For the moment, people who die because of the former ‘being too old’ are very few. Most people die of weakness from illness or disease.
After all we can’t avoid physiological senility, but through health-preserving we can put it off and it can be really avoided in the same way.


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