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A special electromagnetic therapeutic apparatus.

An Odd And Interesting Phenomenon
Early in 1970, the Chinese government decided to send an investigation team headed up by Dr Gou Wenbin, to a century - old ceramic factory located in a rural area of central China. The team's goal was to investigate an odd and interesting phenomenon occurring to the workers at the factory. Despite standing in mud for much of the working day, there was not a single case of arthritis or other work-related ailments to be found. The research team eventually discovered a strong and unique spectrum in the kiln area, which was traced to a black clay deposit. The clay was found to contain 33 trace elements that were all biologically necessary to the human body. After an intense and prolonged study by research institutes, hospitals, and schools, this unique special electro­magnetic therapeutic apparatus was invented in order to replicate the properties of the clay. Since it was introduced into clinic and home use in the early 1980's, this device has treated up to 60 million people.

A Traditional Chinese Medical Apparatus
The special electromagnetic therapeutic apparatus (TDP in Chinese*) is a new type of device for therapy and healthcare invented in China. It has been clinically proven to have many healing properties, some of which are listed below:

Improvement of circulation
Relief from pain, such as joint pain
Decreased inflammation
Promotion of metabolism
Healing of skin disorders
Treatment of stress - related symptoms

How Does It Work?
The BlOlamp works by producing a spectrum which simulates the natural energy spectrum that any living organism emits. This so-called 'bio-spectrum' consists of a complex range of electromagnetic wavelengths falling mainly within the infrared range. The lamp relies on a very special formula of 33 minerals, which are embedded in a formation onto a treatment plate. When this mineral plate is heated to a certain temperature, it will emit a special band of electromagnetic waves in the infrared range of 2 -50 microns, which coincide with the natural bio- spectrum. The body consequently absorbs this energy, which has been found to yield therapeutic effects.

BlOlamp's Results
The BlOlamp has achieved great results in the UK and Ireland. An independent user survey of the BlOlamp was conducted by Dr John Tanner, musculoskeletal and sports specialist from Oving Clinic, West Sussex in the UK. This showed that out of the first 100 responses sent in to the clinic by people suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain, 89% showed an improvement and over 50% improved significantly.

*TDP stands for Teding Dianci Po in Chinese

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