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Natural Therapy Center

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Our Centre was created with a view of those who choose Chinese Medicine as a method of improving their health. We intended  to create a place in which complete and professional treatment would be guaranteed.
Chinese Medicine offers variety of treatments and healing technics which will help you to keep good health and condition.
Our practitioners will diagnose you and advise the most suitable therapy treatment:

·         Acupuncture

·         Massage - Tuina

·         Moxibustion

·         Herbal Therapy

·         Cupping Therapy

·         Therapeutic Exercises

·         Dietary Consultations

We are also open for all kind of events from training courses, classes to lectures.
Throuoght the year we organise  1-2 week long therapeutic camps, like sliming holidays, detox retreats all supported with Traditional Chnese Medicine treatments.
For our foreign quests, we offer stylish and comfortable accomodation in Janowicki Manor. If you are interested in any of the above and want  further information, please check up the following section on our website:
Wellbeing retreat  or Therapy Retreats in Poland


Call or send us application                                      Opening hours:
Tel/Fax.: 0048 (54) 251 34 99                                   By appointment
E-mail: biuro@osrodekterapiinaturalnej.pl                 

Who we are? What we do?
Our treatment and consultancies are carry out by the professional and experienced   Traditional Medicine Therapists.
Our main activity is to provide the more effective health care as it can be. We treat every case individually, and the formula for each patient is unique.
Holistic medicine teaches that the disease begins 10-15 years earlier than she can be diagnosed.
Our principle is: better prevent than cure.
We put emphasis on the dietary and exercises which give us strength and make our life healthier. 
In this simple way we fight with irreversible hands of time.
Our therapists are qualified and experienced both Chinese and West Medicine.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
It’s one of the world’s oldest medical system. It’s unique and independent system which two basic components are acupuncture and Herbal Therapy and more massage, cupping therapy, therapeutic exercises, dietary and life style recommendations.
It has developed over centuries and it’s complete treatment system which rule his own rights.
None of medical systems couldn’t survive if he wasn’t effective.
Over ¼ world population use this method of treatment. It’s gentle and helpful.

What is the aim of TCM??
The aim is to bring possibly full balance and energetic harmony of a human so he could recover one’s health without any obstacles.

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Download category content: Natural Therapy Center

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LOTOS CMCtel: +48 (54) 251 34 99biuro@osrodekterapiinaturalnej.pl
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